The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton Analysis

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In the book The Outsiders by the S.E Hilton, there are two gangs that have rivalry because of their differences. They dislike each other because the Socs are considered the West-side rich kids while the Greasers are poor. Also the greasers dislike the 1 qm because they have privilege which makes them misunderstand each other. The Socs said the Greasers will never beat them and the Greasers think the same. So no matter what there will be no winner but one is rich and another is poor.

In The Outsiders, the gangs will never understand each other because one is poor and the other is rich, this is one reason the Greasers and the Socs don't. Also the Greasers are getting made fun of by the Socs because they are poor and have long greased hair.understand each other."Hey, grease," one said in an over-friendly voice. ‘We're gonna do you a favor, greaser. We're gonna cut all that long greasy hair off." (Hinton 4) They see the greasers as people who have no family or loved one. They have long hair and they are dirty and cheap. Then there are the Socs who have family, expensive clothing and nice cars. Since the Socs have all this stuff, adults think they work hard for it, so they think they’re mature.This Is why theSocs vs Greaser don't understand each other because they are different.

The Socs and the greasers don’t understand each other because the Socs think the Greasers are an easy target. “I really couldn't see what Socs would have to sweat about good grades, good cars, good girls, madras and Mustangs and Corvairs Man, I thought, if I had worries like that I'd consider myself lucky.” (page 36).This  quote  is significant because it  shows that the misunderstandings of the differing groups have affected their thinking of their rival groups, making them hate the other group. This is why The socs hate the Greasers because they think they are easy targets.

The Socs and Greasers don’t understand each other because one is poor and the other is rich all because the Soc thinks the Greasers are easy targets. The Socs and the greasers have very different outlooks on eachother. They don’t understand one may have a “perfect life and the other not really. This is a battle that will never end.


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