The Popularity of Extreme Sports

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  • Published: 15 May 2021
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Extreme Sports Since the mid-1990s, Extreme Sports has boomed across the U.S. Extreme sports are different from regular Sports. They usually involve personal expertise. For instance, snowboarding is an individual sport that you do by yourself. Whatever achievements you earn goes to you and not a team. Skydiving was the first Extreme sport to take place in the U.S. during world war 2. Today we do way more riskier extreme sports. For example, in 1974 Philippe petit successfully walked on a tightrope between the two twin towers. Are extreme sports safe and worthwhile then alternative or tradition sports. Extreme sports are not as dangerous as people think. The harder riskier extreme sports are done by professionals. Extreme sports bring new ideas for other extreme sports as well. 

To begin, Extreme sports offer very exciting opportunities. When you are doing extreme sports such as motocross. If you are good big companies want to sign a contract with you. That is all personal achievement. (Extreme sports 24). Getting a contract in motocross is all personal not a team effort. Secondly athletes take the proper safety precautions when doing dangerous sports. (Extreme sports 26). Skydivers are not going to jump out of a plane without checking the parachute is going to open. Thirdly doing extreme sports leads to more confidence and self-esteem. (Extreme sports 28). When you have more confidence, it brings out the better of you. When you have more self-esteem, you have more self-respect. Extreme sports have a lot of good and bad they do for people that do them. 

Furthermore, Extreme sports let you show you natural human instincts. (Extreme sports 29). It is good to do that because is natural and you feel better in doing so. Secondly, not only adults get huge crowds when they do their extreme sport, kids do to. (Extreme sports 40). When the kids get bigger crowds to watch them its excitement and they tend to do better. Thirdly Extreme sports give athletes a harder challenge. (Extreme sports 6). When you give athletes a bigger challenge to strive in the sport they are doing. Overall extreme sports have so many benefits for fans and athletes. 

On the other hand, Extreme sports have many risks. A lot of the extreme sports could end in major injury or even death. (Extreme sports 4). When people see that you could get badly hurt or even die that makes people think they should not do that. On the contrary, adults who are professionals are doing these risky sports and they are doing all the right things to safety safe and protected. (Extreme sports 26). When professionals do extreme sports like motocross or BMX, they put on all their gear so if they fall, they will be better protected. There are some very good points in why people should not do extreme sports but the risks out way the danger in a good hand full of extreme sports. 

In conclusion, yes you can get very hurt or even die doing extreme sports. But there are always ways to protect yourself when doing extreme sports. Extreme sports help bring out more self-esteem in younger kids. Younger kids have more respect for the people they are competing against. Even when there are risks for each sport there are a ton of ways to protect yourself. Lastly, it is very good that young kids are playing extreme sports because there will be a new generation to come after the super stars who do the sports now.


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