The Power of Change. Coming out Essay Example

The Power of Change. Coming out Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 March 2021

The Power of Change. Coming out Essay Example

Throughout my life, I've been the picture-perfect kid. I followed all the rules, I stopped at every crosswalk, I always raised my hand, and I did everything right. I never stepped out of my comfort zone to do something different for once. I always stayed in my tiny bubble. I liked it there; it made me feel safe and comforted. As a kid, I dreamed of one day growing up to be someone cool. I wanted to have a unique personality or quality, something that could make me stand out in the crowd. I wanted to be different.
I believe in the paperclip. I believe in the power of change. A paperclip, in its original form, is straight with curved edges, but when you bend it, you can change and mold it into any form you would like. I am like a paperclip. Throughout my life, I’ve been a paperclip in its original form. I stayed neat and round; a perfect store-bought paperclip. I never went against what others expected. That scared me. However, throughout this past year, I’ve bent slightly. With every little change I’ve endured I’ve become closer and closer to my true form, and it’s far from the original, store-bought paperclip. My true form is a paperclip that has been bent, twisted, and turned. It’s been used to pick dirt out of crevices, maybe even pick a few locks, but I'm okay with that. Each bend has come with a new challenge that I’ve overcome. A new adventure. 

 In about mid-June of this year, I finally came to terms with my sexuality, an important bend in the paperclip of my life. After months of suppressing it, I was able to finally accept myself and come to learn that part of me. Coming to terms with my sexuality, while scary, was possibly one of the best things to happen to me. 
Once I did it, a whole new world opened up. I started to become the person my younger self always wanted to be. I had become different. I had this special little part of me, and while it was always there I just didn’t know about it yet. Being gay is not the only thing I’ve come to terms with though. I struggle with many mental disorders that affect my daily life. As a kid, I never thought that I’d have to struggle with such debilitating disorders. While they do give me a different perspective on life now, I don’t wish I didn’t have them. Having to deal with many life challenges, like dealing with mental health and the struggles of coming out I’ve become a stronger person. All of these things that I’ve experienced, while tough, are some of the best things that have happened to me. You never realize until you're going through it, how much the simple things in life will challenge you, and affect your world view. 
Before June, before quarantine, I was a completely different person, and not in a good way. I was bored with life. I never took risks, I never stepped out of my bubble, I lived comfortably.  At the time, being comfortable sounded boring, but safe which was something I craved. I yearned for excitement and fun. I think my younger self would be proud of who I’ve become, who I am today. I think she’d look at her future self and be excited for what’s to come. She’d look at all she’s been through and while it took a lot of dark moments for her to get there she’d be proud of where she is now. I think discovering my true self was one of the best things to happen to me. It’s completely changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

While people think that paperclips are only useful in their original form I believe the contrary. When a paperclip is bent it tells a story, an exciting tale that makes it unique. I believe in the end, the more bent your paperclip is the more eventful your life has been, the more challenges and experiences you’ve lived through. So don’t be afraid of what might happen when you step out of your bubble. Go for it, live your life, let all of your experiences and challenges bend your paperclip in every which way, and experience the best that life has to offer. While I still stop at every crosswalk out of fear from anxiety, I have learned to live a little, enjoy life. I step out of my comfort zone more and get to experience the world outside of my bubble. 

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