The Power of Media (The Truman Show Movie Review)

The Power of Media (The Truman Show Movie Review)
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

Do you believe that the media has too much power? Media has become a very influential factor in many people's lives. However, not all aspects are positive due to the numerous risks that come with it. The Truman Show is a movie about a man named Truman Burbank, who is unknowingly living in a large set filled with actors, where his life is displayed on a television show called The Truman Show. In the movie, The Truman Show, Truman struggles with the media and its ability to catfish, invade privacy, and to feel trapped.

Catfish means to use inaccurate information to create a false identity. In The Truman Show, the film introduces the two most important people to Truman; his wife, Meryl Burbank, and his best friend, Marlon. However, their bond with each other was never real. Throughout his life, Truman has been catfished by being tricked into believing the fake life around him. When comparing catfishing to media, it is clear that the media is not always a reliable source of information. It carries a high risk of using fake identities in which catfishing is an easy task to accomplish. Having a fake persona can be used to manipulate and take advantage of others, which is a danger to those associated with the media. 

The power of the media can be very unsafe due to the risks of exposure. Truman’s entire life has been broadcasted through a television show called, The Truman Show. For this to be accomplished, hidden cameras and microphones had to be placed on people and objects. Therefore, Truman had no sense of privacy, as his life was being used for other peoples’ entertainment. Truman’s actions are recorded for the world to see, and there is no delete button to hide his privacy. This is similar to the dangers of media, in which multiple outlets, such as social media, require personal information that can easily be leaked. The analogy between The Truman Show and media shows the lack of privacy. 

Although the media seems harmless, many find that it has a reputation for becoming overwhelming and exhausting. For instance, Truman begins to acknowledge his surroundings and the odd behavior around him. This issue causes him to become paranoid, and he starts to lack both trust and happiness. Taking the scene where Truman goes missing, he is found overseas on a boat. This event shows Truman’s determination to escape Seahaven Island. The media can create a similar feeling, whereas mental and physical health can be negatively affected. The unlimited amount of content creates an endless cycle of becoming trapped in a fake world. The media distracts and imprisons their users by using pointless content for entertainment. Similar to how Truman feels trapped in Seahaven, people today feel trapped in the world of media. 

The power that media carries allows people to believe false information, have a lack of privacy, and to feel trapped. The Truman Show is not only a work of fiction, but a warning to future generations. Media has corrupted the lives of millions of people, and not many have acknowledged the damage done. Is it too late for us to fix it?

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