The Presence of God In People Essay Example

God is constantly around us whether we instantly notice it or not. It can be as subtle as a person being kind while you are having a bad day or as life changing as a distinct call to an unexpected vocation. I have always thought that the way I see the presence of God’s love and experience it in my life is primarily through other people. Regardless of the way they look, many people who I have encountered have always shown me acts of kindness. These people inspire me to do the same to others.

The first time I felt like I experienced God's love through a person was in an unexpected place-it was at a cheer competition. At my first high school competition I was extremely nervous and I did not know what to do. I did not want to let down my team when they needed me but my emotions were getting the best of me. When I could not take the pressure anymore, I went to the bathroom and began to have a breakdown. I had been so scared that I convinced myself that I was not able to perform to the best of my ability and would just end up disappointing everyone. While I was having this breakdown an older girl,from a team that we were competing against, came into the bathroom. When she first came in, she merely glanced at me and just went into the bathroom stall. I was terribly embarrassed that someone had seen me crying because at the time I was not comfortable with sharing my feelings. She came out of the bathroom, washed her hands, and looked like she was about to leave but instead she asked me if I was okay. I did not want to tell a stranger the truth, so I said yes, I am fine. She did not try to further question me, but she patted me on the back and helped me calm down. When I finally cleaned my face, she looked at me and told me to perform like everything was at stake. I do not think she realized it but her words of encouragement helped me more than she could have imagined. I went back to my team, and I did the best that I could. Although we did not get first place, I was able to feel proud of myself and my team. I was not able to find her again after the competition to thank her but I hope she got to see me perform.

Although this might not be the most significant event in my life, it opened my eyes to God's presence of love in everyone. This unexpected act of charity I received from her was able to alter my outlook on others. The kindness that the girl showed me was inspiring. We were supposed to be competing against each other yet she took time to help me when she saw that I was struggling. This event in my life continues to inspire me to embrace new and diverse people as well as experiences . It undoubtedly inspires me to treat others with the same charity and kindness I was shown regardless of who they are.


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