The Problem of Bullying Essay Example

The Problem of Bullying Essay Example
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Maria Konnikova once stated, ”Bullying is the result of an unequal power dynamic - the strong attacking the weak.” This can be true because normally the bully is bigger than the person they are bullying. In the United States 79% of kids that are bullied are bullied by kids twice the size of them. Bullying needs to be addressed more and more every day to lower the students getting bullied. Bullying needs to stop getting evolved with new ways to bully every day.

Firstly, bullying is a violation that is happening in schools and online every day and it needs to be addressed. Bullying is worldwide and happens daily, many schools and organizations like STOMP Out bullying are trying to fix this problem. “Because bullying has proven to be such a huge problem, schools, law enforcement officers, and even the government have developed methods to prevent bullying”(Gale). We as a society are already forming techniques to combat bullying. “Young people who have gone through bullying prevention programs have reported about a 20 percent decrease in bullying and in being bullied”(Gale). While we're making progress and taking action against bullying there is still a lot of work to be done.

Secondly, there are many different forms of bullying all of which are equally hurtful. Cyberbullying has become increasingly popular throughout the past years because of the widespread use of social media. “To reduce the risk of cyberbullying, adolescents can start by educating themselves on this issue. They can also make sure they protect their online passwords and never reveal them to anyone. In addition, adolescents should set up privacy controls for social media sites, such as Instagram or Facebook, to ensure only those they choose can view their posts or profiles”(Gale). There are many different security measures that can be put in place to try and help prevent cyberbullying. “When finished using an online account, the adolescent should log out to prevent others from accessing it. Adolescents could search their names online, using Google or a similar search engine, to see if anything pops up that could make them a target for cyberbullying”(Gale). Parents need to make sure that they monitor their kids' activity online so that they can uncover any potential issues in the event their child is afraid or embarrassed to talk about it.

Thirdly, victims that are bullied are targeted because of differences between the bully and the victim. Sometimes the bully tries to gain popularity by picking on weaker people or those that are different by physicality and different opinions. "People who are bullied are often perceived to be different in some way from the majority of people around them. They may be different in appearance, behavior, or social status. People who are shy, withdrawn, or otherwise socially isolated are particular targets”(Gale). People that are different get preyed upon by the bully which gives them a sense of power and popularity. "Victims may be children who have few friends or are insecure or passive. Once a victim is targeted by a bully, the child’s self-esteem issues may worsen, making him an easy mark for more bullying, as well as negative treatment by other members of the social group”(Gale). As a society we need to promote kindness and inclusion to lift others up instead of putting them down. 

However, some people argue that bullying is actually good for kids. Some people disagree with bullying and think that it is bad for the child and that it could affect them someway in the future.”Mutual dislike can help students develop healthy social and emotional skills - and can sometimes have a bigger impact on their development than friendships, the researchers claim”(Derbyshire). David Derbyshire thinks that bullying is good for people's futures. People feel that bullying should stay the same because of the fact it can help shape your future. Bullying could help people think about the past and learn from what they did to become better as a person.


Bullying is a major issue and a violation of human rights. We as a society need to come together and set a standard for the way people are treated. Whether it is picking on a kid on the playground or cyberbullying the damage can be unrepairable and have long lasting effects on the victim. Regardless of the reason the bully has targeted the victim it is considered descrimination towards another person. Based on my research of bullying it continues to be a growing problem that we in our society need to adress. By advocating for a federal law to prevent bullying society may see a decrease in suicide and an increase in social acceptance.

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