The Proposed Public Safety Answering Center II Advancement

A 240-by-240-by-240-foot concrete fortress, as tall as a 24-story apartment building and all but windowless is a Public Safety Answering Center.It is 450,000 Square feet, blast resistant structure is a perfect cube, with minimal windows due to security concerns.The people that work in this building are meant to help handle 911 calls.It intended to act as a backup in case of an emergency like a natural disaster.I believe it a great idea because the more help the more people are kept safe.

The proposed improvement would be a one of a kind open office that would work  24-hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. It would serve as the City’s moment 911 center, which would reinforce existing crisis communication administrations and lighten weight on Public Safety Answering Center I by sharing the volume of crisis calls to begin with responders within the City.(som) The building would moreover house command control center operations for the Fire Department and Police Officers, which would arrange and manage emergency reaction over the whole City with the OEM.

This project is meant to act as a supplement to the public safety answer center in downtown Brooklyn, and as a backup in case of an emergency like a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.(cbs)The proposed open office would work as a parallel operation to the existing PSAC I in Downtown Brooklyn and would expand and give repetition to the current crisis 911 reaction administrations within the City. “It would serve as a streamlined crisis call admissions and expedite center for all of the City’s to begin with responders, counting the Police Officers, Fire Department, and the Crisis Restorative Administrations Ambulances, and as well as house command control center operations for the Fire Department and the police officers to coordinate emergency reaction all through the whole city at a centralized area.” The proposed office would compromise a single office building and an adornment stopping carport. (nypd)

Overall, the proposed Public Safety Answering Center II advancement would result in a public advantage, due to the extension of voice and information communication foundations within the City, which would improve crisis reaction capacity and disaster recuperation capacity within the City utilizing two load-balanced offices.


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