The Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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  • Published: 11 May 2021
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In the three texts ‘’Speech to the Association of Los Alamos Scientists”, “A Petition to the President of the United States”,and the Decision to Drop the Bomb”there are both arguments Despite on whether they should drop the atomic bomb  or not the author Robert Oppenheimer in the article ‘’Speech to the Association of Los Alamos Scientists”,  came up with his own claim of his decision on weather if they should drop it or not and he chose not to.”I dont think thats important.I think there are issues which are quite deep,and which involve us a a group of scientists-involving us more,perhaps than any other group in the world has happen to us-and that this must give us honesty,some insight,which will be a source of strength in what may be the not-too-easy days ahead.(ph 1.)  Robert states that the atomic bomb is very much likely not a good thing because it's just not affecting our people but it's affecting our world also.How will our people be able to survive in this world when they don't know how to survive their own safety by the foolishness of many people dropping bombs.Robert provided evidence from the text explaining,”Science were translated into terms where they affected many living people,potentially all people…. Scientists themselves played such a large part,not merely in providing foundation for the atomic weapons,but in actually making them”.(ph4) Robert is just trying to persuade his thinking and beside them listening upon him they do what they want which is creating a big crisis which is just now right.Instead of helping us they are just hurting us as Robert said,”Scientists I think we have perhaps a little greater ability to accept change,and accept radical change,because of our experiences in the pursuit of science...fact that we have lived with it-to be of some use in understanding these problems”(ph9). As you can see Robert believes that we need a change,we just need to end all of this now!

However on the other hand in the articles,“A Petition to the President of the United States”,and the Decision to Drop the Bomb”, Both of the author compare there ways on that they should drop the atomic bomb.”Today,with the defeat of Germany,this danger is averted and we feel impelled to say what follows(ph1)”The ethical debate over the discussion to drop the atomic bomb will never be resolved.The bombs did,however bring an end to the most destructive war in history.”a(ph13) Owing to the fact that the atomic bomb did so much destruction and helped the people in war and most likely did what they were produced for, the authors felt a need that the atomic bomb is very useful and that they should keep dropping them.But even so, as they dont know that they are destroying people areas/homes which are needed.In my own reasoning I would rather them do something else than cause this much destruction but by them thinking that this natural resources is helping them out more, they are not thinking about the other people. Both authors from the text stated how they will be able to defeat the evil if they don't have what they need which were why they wanted to keep dropping them.”It would be more difficult for us to live up to our responsibility of bringing the unloosened forces of destruction under control.(ph8)”How will the world use its nuclear capability?”(ph14) In spite of this both authors use this comparison of which why they would like to drop the bomb.

In conclusion each authors from the three text argued over whether they should drop the bomb are not and to this they all came up with their own claims that influence many people to think as if they should or should not my pursuing them with their knowledgeable words coming out of their mouth.


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