The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Essay Example

Jesus Christ did indeed resurrect. One of the strongest or most convincing pieces of evidence there is, is the empty tomb. Jesus’s tomb was found empty along with his burial clothes neatly folded in the tomb. There is no other clear explanation as to how this could have happened other than Christ rising from the dead. 

After his resurrection, the first person to have encountered him was Mary Magdelene, which is very important given that women were not given the same amount of attention as the men within the gospel. However, the writers of the gospel believed her because of the importance of this event. 

Another convincing piece of evidence is the number of people that saw him at the same time. Apostle Paul recorded this when it had occurred. About 500 people saw Jesus at the same time, and from what Psychologists have said, it would not be possible for such a large crowd of people to see or imagine the same thing at the same time, therefore they had to have seen Jesus himself. Something worth looking at is the conversion of Paul. Paul was known to be an aggressive persecutor of the church, however, when he encountered Jesus he quickly became known as a determined missionary for the Christian church. He endured a lot of pain and suffering and was ultimately killed because he would not deny his faith in Jesus. Why would someone endure some much suffering if they did not think the resurrection was true? 

If Paul was lying about his encounter and faith in Jesus why would he go to extreme lengths to the point where he was beheaded? It is clear that Paul did encounter Jesus after his resurrection and was willing to risk his life becoming a missionary and supporting his faith. Jesus’s resurrection did happen and many other supporting details support this claim.


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