The Right to Vote is an Essential Pillar of American Democracy

The Right to Vote is an Essential Pillar of American Democracy
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As a little kid never thought about other races' traditions, I thought everyone did the same as my family and I did. Now growing up and realizing that wasn’t the case; It was pretty cool to think that every race has their own way of doing certain things. Our biggest tradition is dancing (Punta or Reggaeton). We take music very seriously; it's a way we express ourselves. We also don’t like to leave anyone behind; everyone is family, especially the elderly. Hondurans love to make everything above and beyond. But I’m going to be focusing on our most known tradition “young girls turning into women” called a quinceanera. 

A quinceanera is celebrated when you turn 15 years old, meaning you are turning into a young adult. A lot of races also do this tradition but ours is a little different. We start off with a year-long planning of ideas and decisions. At first, I decided I didn't want a quinceanera. I told my parents that the money should be spent on a new car or my college fund. But six weeks before my birthday my mom finally convinced me to have my own quinceanera. Six weeks is no time to plan such a big party, we had to act fast. I remember being in charge of my invitations. They were blue and white with a baby picture of me on the front. After that, my mom and I decided to make my quince a sky night theme. My dress was a royal blue with silver sequins on it all around. I had my dress imported from Mexico. 

On June 10th, 2017 I woke up at 8 am to get my hair with my mom. After getting my hair done I went to get my makeup and then I finished getting ready. Around noon when my Damas, Chamblenses (a group of friends who are appearing with me at my quinceanera), and I were ready to take pictures. We proceeded to take pictures and see the venue of my quince with all the pretty decorations. Paola was the name of my decorator. She had a long table with blue and white cloth and had a matching background to it and balloons on the side taller than me but they had moons and stars at the top. Some of my center pieces my aunt made and brought all the way from Texas, she even made me a money box with a big letter “K”. Two days before my quince my mom stayed up all night with my aunts to finish some of the other centerpieces and she had blisters from the hot glue gun. All of her hard work was amazing and really made me grateful for everything they were doing for me and my special day. 

My grand entrance was an arch of balloons with little stars in between. Before dining, we give a toast with everyone that came to watch this tradition happen. When our guests finish dining, I have my surprise dance with my Chamblenes and Damas. At the beginning of my quince, I make my entrance. We do a “doll dance” where my mom is supposed to bring a doll dress like me as a baby and I’m able to start my first step to becoming an adult. First was dancing with the doll then my parents will come and have a dance with me. After this part is over we continue with my father changing my slip-on shoes with my high heels; meaning he’s allowing me to grow up and become the young lady that I’m meant to become. Then my brothers come in and start to put my jewelry on. 

After my surprise dance, I decided to make a big announcement that no one ever knew about. I knew my mom spent a great deal of time, effort, and money for my quince to be perfect. I called up my mom and had my best friend bring a second crown over. I looked at my mom and said “Since you didn’t get to have quinceanera when you were fifteen then I will be sharing my special day with you,” so many people, including my mom, started to cry. I made sure my guests also gave her the same special treatment they gave me. It made me very happy to see my mom excited about wearing the crown for the rest of the night. 

At the end of the night after dancing with my family and friends; I decided to make another announcement thanking my parents for throwing me such a nice quinceanera. I was very grateful for their time, commitment, and love. A big thank you to my parents and family members who helped me have such a perfect day. 

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