The Role of Art in My Life Essay Example

The Role of Art in My Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Art, "A picture says a thousand words" Ah the stereotypical saying that everyone has come to know and love. As a young junior, I envied art so much, I guess you could say it's quite grown on me. Anyways, I loved spending countless nights and school days devising what I can make and how I learned to make my art in different ways. As I've grown older, I've learned to express my passion for art in many ways. These two are game development and computer engineering. Art to me describes the salient idea spread across a picture and what the author was seeking to perceive the reader with. When I think about the expression, "A picture says a 1000 words." These two topics are the ones that come to mind because not only can design and build the way you want it to because it isn't something you can get right or wrong it just wants you to want it to be. Game development is a huge passion of mine, and I discovered that passion last year, and ever since, I have been learning the fundamentals such as lighting, textures, materials, shaders, words, and so much more. Art to me describes the salient idea spread across a picture and what the author was trying to perceive the reader with. Correspondingly, Game Development becomes the vision of the story, atmosphere, and mood they want to tell the reader. And when I teach about game development, you sort of understand how the developers produce and re-innovate their progress of the game to tell the story of art just like an artist would do with their drawings. Now you know why game development matters to me, let's move onto another form of love I call computer engineering. Computer Engineering is a form of engineering that involves software and electrical engineering. And the explanation for why this is a form of art is because creating a project opens the door for creativity and allows us to experiment and handcraft with a variety of electronic components and allow them to communicate with software. I've made many projects of computer engineering such as an infinity mirror, power supply, LED ornament, and a LED voice box. Last year, I competed in a science fair with an ultrasonic sonar that involves an Arduino with a program, ultrasonic sensor, and wires. The purpose or function of this project was to make an ultrasonic sensor to pinpoint an object within a room so it could it project this object on a display, I proud to say that it worked as intended and that I keep it as a trophy of my accomplishments as of how found a craft and to perfect my passion for art. I will be competing in science this year and in hopes of expressing my love of art in a new way. Every day, I build upon projects and projects whether it's on computer engineering or game development in hopes of expressing my affection for art via show-and-tell.

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