The Role of Competitions in Our Life Essay Example

The Role of Competitions in Our Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Competition is like being perfect, you don’t need it to be successful in life.

Competitions are just for entertainment and a waste of money. Competitions are fun and all but just take a lot of the time out of your daily life. 

Competition is a good way to build up self confidence and make you stronger than you are but there are other ways to do that. Competition can lead to stress, anxiety, broken bones, and disappointment in yourself. An example of this is my Uncle Peter, my Uncle Peter played football in high school and broke his back. Peter recovered but has back problems to this day which has not helped him succeed in life. Competition also leads to people that are over competitive. People that are over competitive it's not about loving the game it's about love for themselves. Some examples of an over competitive person is they are a sore loser, makes everything a competition, and brags about winning. Everything about being over competitive takes the fun out of competitions. Almost every aspect of competitions you don’t need to succeed in life.

To be successful in life you don’t need competition, all you need is to believe and have faith in yourself. Time on earth is precious and competition just takes it away. I’m not telling you how to spend your life. I'm just trying to send you to the right direction.

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