The Role of Fate in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (Essay Example)

The disheartening death of Romeo and Juliet just started off as a beautiful romantic story, then turned into a saddening suicide. William Shakespeare wrote one of the most famous romantic tragedies, Romeo and Juliet. Two families, called the Montagues, and the Capulets were feuding for several years. Some Montagues decided to crash the Capulet’s party, where Romeo falls in love immediately with a girl from the feuding family named Juliet. The tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet was more work, than fun, and in the end, ended in an appalling way in which there are people that are responsible for it. Lord Montague, Romeo and Friar Lawrence/John contribute most to the suicide deaths of the couple, Romeo and Juliet. 

Even though there are many people to blame, Lord Montague is one of the people who can be blamed for the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet. Now you may be asking what did Lord Montague do to be blamed for the death. Well first, he had a feud with the Capulets that he never even tried to get rid of, or clear the air with them, even for his own son. If he had just cleared the air with the Capulets, Romeo would have most definitely come to him talking about Juliet, and they would not have had to sneak around, and getting married without their parent’s approval. They could have told their parents, got their consent, and then got married peacefully. No sneaking around, and if there was never a feud, Romeo would not have killed Tybalt causing his banishment, which also caused them to have problems with the marriage. Another thing that this death could have potentially been avoided by, is if Lord Montague was paying attention to what his son was doing, which is if the Montague knew Romeo was going to a Capulet party, he could have stopped him from going, especially since they are their enemy, and altogether he would have never met Juliet. This just shows that Montague is a big part of the reason for Romeo and Juliet's death. He contributed greatly due to his action, and poor choices he made. 

Even though he was very clueless, Romeo is another person who contributed greatly to the horrible death. Now Romeo is such a clueless, young teen boy who got his heart broken, and just wanted to go to a party, find a new girl, and get over his broken heart. The only thing is, if he never ended up going to the Capulet party, he might just have never ended up killing himself, with Juliet. He also wasn’t even invited, due to the feud the Capulets have with the Montagues, this is already one red flag, so he just should not have gone. Another thing is, if he never had killed Tybalt, he never would have been banished, and could have run away with Juliet after marriage, instead of having to go through with a whole plan, just because he was banished. Something that just doesn’t make sense is that he killed himself, just for his first love. He went through all this banishing, and sneaking around just to in the end, kill himself. It was his first true love other than Rosaline, and he should have tried to pull through and live for her especially. Juliet would not have wanted Romeo to kill himself. All in all, if Romeo would have just been more careful, and made better choices, there’d be less of a chance of the saddening deaths of Romeo and Juliet. 

Though Friar Lawrence, and Friar John are very good people, they should be held responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. After finding out the wedding date was going to happen earlier, Friar Lawrence should have taken the duty of delivering the letter to Romeo himself. Romeo would have known that Juliet is actually alive, instead of hearing she is dead from someone before Friar John could have delivered the letter. Friar John should be held responsible as well, because he had the responsibility of bringing the letter to Romeo, and he couldn’t, so he should have told Friar Lawrence or found someone else to do it, as if he was trusted to do that one thing, and he never did it. In a way this whole thing could have been avoided, if Friar Lawrence never even had agreed to marry too young teens that are clueless, without their parental success. I get that he wanted the feud to end between the two families, but that could have been done in such a different way, without there having to be death. The whole plan that the Friar Lawrence could have worked if Romeo wasn’t all the way in Mantua, and if Juliet wasn’t forced into marrying someone else. These red flags should have stopped Friar Lawrence from going through with the plan. All in all, the secrets and the things Friar Lawrence could have done to avoid this marriage were not too difficult, so he is one of the reasons for the death of Romeo and Juliet. 

To be blamed for the suicide death of Romeo and Juliet is Lord Montague, Friar Lawrence/ John, and Romeo, himself because of the actions they chose to make. Lord Montague being one of the best to contribute as he could have simply stopped whatever was going to happen, by simply just taking time to realize what his son was doing and stopping him from ever going to the Capulet party. Romeo, himself, contributes the most even though he was a clueless young teen in love, he could have at least taken the warning to not go to the party just by not being invited, and it being a Capulet party. Friar Lawrence should have made the right decision right when Romeo and Juliet, two young teens blindsided by love, came to him. He should not have married them without the parents consent. The overall theme is that love does not conquer all, as in Romeo and Juliet never got anywhere, no matter how much they loved each other. A heart wrenching romantic story gone wrong, that turned into one of the saddest suicides of the century.


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