The Secret Behind the Aquarium (Essay Sample)

The Secret Behind the Aquarium (Essay Sample)
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📌Published: 23 April 2021

Have you ever wondered what happens to the animals at the aquarium when you're not there? Are they training, sleeping, or playing? If you thought either of those answers, you are wrong. The animals are swimming hopelessly in a small tank they might think of as a “prison.”  My opinion is that animals should not be kept in captivity. You’ll find more reasons why your favorite animals disappear from the aquarium. 

The habitat is unnatural and is bad for when the animals want to exercise or do anything that requires space. Another reason is that when they are going to be released, they won’t survive because they didn’t get any exercise, to begin with. Lastly, the habitat being unnatural might be causing them to spend more time above water because the water/tank is very shallow. According to the humane society, it says their tanks are as small as a “tiny swimming pool.” The humane society also says that being away from their family too long would cause them to be slightly inactive. If they are inactive for too long, they might die off because they are not moving around to work off the food they get fed.

In addition, keeping them in captivity can also be dangerous to a trainer. The trainers have a possibility of getting lice from the animals because most of the time, they don’t check. Lice is a creature that is in your hair and makes it itchy. If you get too close to someone or something with lice, you might have a chance of getting it. The cure to lice is to have a special lotion that gets rid of the lice. You have to scrub it out or comb it out. They should just leave the animals instead of taking them out of their home. Also, these animals can cause deadly diseases that could kill a lot of people. According to We Love Dolphins, trainers can “trade” diseases. Something common that the trainers get is salmonella. According to Mayoclinic, Salmonella happens when your food or water is contaminated and has hidden little feces in it. Both humans and animals can get salmonella just by drinking contaminated water. The remedies to cure it can be pain killers, heating pads, and others.

Lastly, I think keeping animals in captivity is not ok because what happens if they get stressed out? They can try and bump into the glass, and if they succeed to break or chip off some glass from the tanks, they could get badly injured. According to Anderson Cabot center, scientists have found stress in the immune systems of marine animals; Some of these animals are Florida manatees, seals, and sea turtles. It also says both humans and animals have a chronic stress response that could give us a long-term disturbance that could impact the survival of everything.(Humans,animals,ETC.) Lastly, being stressed will not help if you're trying to do an animal show with the stressed animals and they are afraid of doing tricks away from their family. This is why animals shouldn’t be kept away from their friends or family or they will not do anything normally.

This is why animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity without a natural habitat, family and friends, and being checked for diseases. Next time, when mom invites you to the aquarium say “no!” so that the aquarium won’t raise money and will let these poor animals back into the wild! 

Remember! This is just a sample.

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