The Story of More by Hope Jahren Book Review

The Story of More by Hope Jahren Book Review
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đź“ŚPublished: 28 March 2021

The Story of More is about the world’s population and world problems. One problem is the population, in the last five decades, as the global population has doubled, we’ve more than tripled food production. Another one of the problems that the world has is the over the killing of animals like cows, pigs, and chickens. Just the United States alone every single cow, pig, and chicken slaughtered the world all over is, on average, 40 percent bigger than what it was 10 to 20 years ago. There are about 8 billion people in this entire world and there are more than eight hundred million men, women, and children who are undernourished or not eating enough food. So my question about the food is, where is all of the food going if the number of animals is being killed? Since there is so much killing going on, why are there so many men, women, and children not eating enough? People around the global world are eating and wasting their food when there are people out there wishing that they could even have a bite of something to eat. 

Another problem in this world is the amount of fish. Hope says in the book “We have reached the point where consumption by just ten percent of us threatens the planet’s ability to provide the basics of life for the other 90 percent.” what she means by that is, only 10 percent of the human population in the world is consuming most of the foods, and the rest of the people are at risk of not having enough food. Knowing that before the big nets in the ocean, every single fish was caught and sold to be bought to eat. Now there are thousands of nets holding about 1 million fish around the world. Now the problem with having that many fish in the thousands of nets around the world is, we have to think about the feed. What makes the feed for the fish? The main sources for the fish feed are Grain and Corn. Now think about the human population and the 8 hundred million men women and children that are undernourished, those 8 hundred thousand somewhat people could be using the grain and corn to eat but no, the fish needs the food more than humans! 

A third problem that the world is facing is Electricity. People don’t realize that electricity has a lot to do with human life, and if there isn’t electricity then there is nothing.Page 85 paragraph 2, Hope says “One billion people have no access to electricity”, she is saying that people use way too much electricity. Electricity is needed for people, and for those one billion people who cannot use electricity, they are the ones who are struggling. The reason why many people cannot use electricity is that the other 7 billion people are using way too much electricity. To save electricity, turn off the lights, charge something for only as long as it needs to be charged. But the things like hotels, big power plants, big towers, big buildings, big everything is what uses all the electricity. So to all the people out there, I have just a few words for you. TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS!

In conclusion, our global population is way overpopulated, we kill way too many animals, we use way too much electricity, and who knows down the road 20 years from now we might not have enough of everything to even live a normal life. One thing that Hope Jahren also said that stuck to me was “ act now to save for future generations”! That saying right there is what we need to do because if there is no action taken then there will never be a change in the global problems. 

What inspired me to learn more about our world's problems is because I live in the same world. If one person is talking and is wanting to do something about the problem, not just in the United States, then why isn't anyone else trying to help fix the problem just a little. Also the passages that I didn’t agree with were about when Hope was talking about how animal feed needs more of the nutrients in their food then humans do. I got mad at how messed up it is for those people who can’t even have a full meal, and how the animal eats better then those people.

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