The Stunt Pilot Analysis Essay

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  • Published: 14 January 2022
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The feelings of pure excitement and wonder are one of the most wonderful emotions to experience. This is how I imagine Annie Dillard felt in her essay, The Stunt Pilot. Throughout this mini essay, I will be analyzing the emotions Dillard felt and why she might have felt them. 

I believe one way in which Dillard defined art throughout this essay was as a source of energy, as a type of emotion or expression. She emphasized the carefully calculated twists and turns performed in the air by Rahm, and she clearly felt a sense of connection to the pilot. One can see how she was inspired by Rahm. It can also be said that she believed Rahm himself was a source of art. He was like a brilliant, creative artist, painting the sky with lines of smoke and with beautiful curls and arcs in the air.

I think an incredibly clear connection between the movements of a stunt pilot and Dillard’s writing style was how energetic every detail was described. Throughout the story, there was a significant use of adjectives and adverbs with highly energizing qualities and it assisted the reader in feeling as if they were experiencing every scene for themselves. She explained the scenery of the location and actions of the pilot in vivid detail and with captivating words, providing a deeper meaning than what can only be seen. The boldness of the writing personally gave me a sense of excitement, as if Dillard was giving a speech to a crowd of soldiers before a battle and I was preparing myself for what was to come. In addition, both the writing style and the movements of the plane were inspiring. It can be suggested that since Dillard was obviously inspired by the pilot and his craft, she conveyed that same emotion through her writing, though she might have done so unintentionally. 

Similarly, it can be said that when someone is inspired by God and His divine word, they too want to convey that same feeling of awe to others. I know I certainly feel that way. It is like owning the greatest gift in the world and wanting to share it with those around you. 

In response to shifts in perspective, it is clear that whenever Rahm flew the plane, she was clearly in awe of the actions of the plane, meticulously explaining every detail. The description of the dives and twists and turns, angles and rolls and loops help the reader imagine the sense of wonder that Dillard experienced. It seems as if Dillard was hypnotized by the movements of the plane and could not tear her gaze away from the sight. She herself admits that she thought about Rahm’s stunt performance night after night, after she initially witnessed such a scene, and she was obviously inspired by the beautiful event. Another interesting aspect was how her mentality changed from when she was simply viewing the scene and when she was actively part of it. When Dillard was in the small flying machine with Rahm, a sense of fear could have been sensed through the use of words, as if a rush of adrenaline had overcome her and she was suddenly aware of the dangerous possibilities while stunt flying. A fight-or-flight mode might have been present; however, we can see her confidence grow when she asks Rahm to perform a barrel roll, and then another in the opposite direction.


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