The Theoretical Perspectives In Sociology

The Theoretical Perspectives In Sociology
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One key concept from the reading is the different theoretical perspectives. The three types of theoretical perspectives are functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Functionalism is “Social stability is necessary for a strong society, and adequate socialization and social integration are necessary for social stability. Society’s social institutions perform important functions to help ensure social stability. Slow social change is desirable, but rapid social change threatens social order” . The conflict theory is known to be the opposite of the functionalist theory. The conflict theory is “Society is characterized by pervasive inequality based on social class, race, gender, and other factors. Far-reaching social change is needed to reduce or eliminate social inequality and to create an egalitarian society” . Lastly is symbolic interactionism “People construct their roles as they interact; they do not merely learn the roles that society has set out for them. As this interaction occurs, individuals negotiate their definitions of the situations in which they find themselves and socially construct the reality of these situations. In so doing, they rely heavily on symbols such as words and gestures to reach a shared understanding of their interaction” . Another key concept is the different types of methods when doing your research on social problems. There are surveys where you are able to include as many people as you want. Observation is the second method where you study every detail about the people you are observing. Experiments are data on cause and effect. Lastly, is existing data where there is already data and you don’t have to spend your time on trying to gather it.

I think that it is important for sociologists to use different theories and methods when looking at and studying social problems. I feel that with people looking differently at social problems within the different theories you get more of an open mind on the problem which I feel that is important. When it comes to needing to gather information on these problems it is important to have different methods that you are able to use. All these theories and methods are great, but if I were to personally be researching a social problem I would be using the conflict theory and the observation method. I would see which factors made the problem start in the first place. To gather information on those factors I would use is observation and just paying close attention to every single detail I come across and ask myself questions.

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