The Topic That Kindles My Interest: BIAS Incidents

The Topic That Kindles My Interest: BIAS Incidents
📌Category: Human rights, Racism, Social Issues
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📌Published: 24 April 2021

Have you ever noticed BIAS? Many people have witnessed themselves discriminated against for the past centuries because of their feelings, origin, and skin color. There have been many BIAS incidents in the places we all know, at work, school, and even grocery stores. The worst part of it is that the country we all know and love is not doing enough to make our system for all people safe. In my Argument Essay, I will address the topic taken from one of the most severe problems we as Americans face every day in the places we know and love.   
I took the opportunity to choose this topic to write about because it has to do with a problem that we see in places every day in America. I mean, BIAS people are discriminated against for their feelings, origin, and skin color after how much they worked to provide food and necessary needs to their families or even try to leave a different country to come to ours. For example, they come to our country to have a better life for their family, but in the US and Mexico border, they are separated from their families and love ones because of their origin and skin color; this is an example of BIAS. BIAS Kids at Schools get discriminated against and bullied because of their International BIAS origin, skin, and language. Many kids are afraid of going to school, therefore, getting less education and not feeling welcomed because of all of these things. Blacks are also facing the same kind of criticism towards their Skin color, also known as BIAS.  
I want to achieve in my Essay to persuade my audience with enough evidence to let them know why this is an important cause affecting and creating division among others that can help make our world a much more unique place to live. Also, I want to write this Essay to my audience to let them know that they need to do more to help people with more action and less criticism towards the same excuses toward division because the point of this to improve the way we treat others and to make our world a safer place where everybody can learn and treated equally. 

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