The Tradition of Herbal Tea Amidst the Pandemic

The Tradition of Herbal Tea Amidst the Pandemic
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📌Published: 16 March 2021

Science has expanded and innovated for years into epidemiology, and its impact on human populations, especially during this pandemic. I always considered it was a way to further our intelligence when faced with unknown situations. While it has provided research leading to a vaccine, it has yet to be proven successful one hundred percent. I recommend herbal teas, because unlike over-the-counter medication, there are fewer side effects, and they contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. My family used them often to treat common colds and the flu. I witnessed this when my cousin was infected and sent to quarantine. His family was also exposed, and he decisively opted for herbal treatments. They consumed teas for a period of weeks, with ibuprofen and plenty of sleep significantly boosted their defenses and overall health.  Ashley, a soldier in the Coast Guard and my cousin, confirmed this by saying: ''I am content he did not waste time. People were still being sent home without any medication, so taking those steps to improve his immune system was a smart option after testing positive for Coronavirus."(Santana). I agree with Santana's belief that we should make informed, healthy decisions to determine the best treatment to jumpstart the responses of our immune system. I know how mass communications have made vaccines popular in the last few months of 2021 but regardless, herbal remedies are a powerful tool to power your antibodies in this virus battle.  

The news channels and websites have had an impact on how we behave and think. Face masks, social distancing, and washing of hands are the status quo. Practicing and maintaining these helps stop the spread of Covid-19. Nevertheless, the virus can still spread from person-to-person contact, in public transport, and through aerosols. Expensive prescriptions and underlying conditions in senior citizens increase their probability to contract COVID-19. Many of them live alone or in retirement homes, and their bodies do not have the same capabilities as a younger adult to stave off the symptoms. Some seniors take three to eight different medications-a conditions known as polypharmacy. These situations make administering a second dosage difficult, as it causes secondary side effects.  Senior citizens are prioritized last for receiving a vaccine since medical staff such as doctors, nurses, and people who work in the ICU have preferences since they are on the frontlines. Afterward, come younger people ages sixteen to forty-nine. Predicaments such as vaccine shortages and seniors having to wait in long lines are another problem. Some citizens live alone or do not count with someone to help them in the process of filling online forms and driving certain distances to get a vaccine.  

My cousin's grandfather suffered coughing fits and chest pains. Inflammation in the lungs is a complication of severe coronavirus. If not treated, could lead to pneumonia. If he had taken herbal teas, his outcome might have been different. Miguel, my uncle and a retired Army soldier stated: “The vaccine is here, but the information is still very unclear. For now, I will continue to use my herbal remedies. If it becomes obligatory, I will take it but not give up herbal remedies.” (Rosario) I coincide with my uncle's statement that information on this vaccine is confusing due to what type of people can and cannot be vaccinated. Some do not count on financial resources either, as the economy was also hit hard by the pandemic. Herbal teas outweigh many aspects of life: Financial troubles, apply to any age group, and most importantly, take care of your health. 

Herbal remedies have been my choice for this tiresome pandemic, more so than visiting a hospital. They fall to my dismay for many reasons. The beds, crowdedness, and shortage of medical equipment I always see in the news exacerbate my dislike. I agree that everyone wants to make money off this pandemic-pharmaceuticals especially. When you visit a store and buy a medicine or cough syrup with an expensive brand like Tylenol or Advil, versus acetaminophen and ibuprofen-they do the same job but with different names. I mention this because, earlier in 2020, I kept seeing and hearing on news and television about hydroxychloroquine, a medication approved by the FDA as an emergency recourse. However, this medication proved useless for coronavirus due to irregularities in heartbeats in children. Science yet again pivoted my mind in other directions. I began to think if this could have spurred an incidence in the rising of cases. My memory reminded me of certain STI's provoked by overuse of this drug. All of this brought me to shift my views towards Western medicine. I repeat that we should be mindful of how science is interpreted and understood. Herbal remedies are underrated by many in society. They cleanse, purify and detoxicate. When I was little, soup, sleep, and exercise made us feel healthier than any prescription could. Numbers and statistics seem exaggerated by local authorities so people can stay indoors. Obviously, if people are sent home without medicines, they can infect their whole family, resulting in them going out and transmitting it to other people. So, science, this quarantine has shown you there is still time to consider areas of improvement. Selflessness, better use of the time of resources available, and increased government responses are just a few. In summation, herbal remedies can combat symptoms, are inexpensive, an option for any age group, and a potential candidate in the confusing, multifaceted, strenuous challenge that was Sars-CoV-2. These examples can set a different ending for many generations to come. Wuhan was the origin, but herbal remedies can change the story. 


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