The Transition to a Brand New School - My Experience

The Transition to a Brand New School - My Experience
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

The transition to a brand new school, and life, might be troublesome for anyone, but as first-year college students begin courses at schools throughout the state this fall, it could also be bit tougher for a majority of them. The rise depression, anxiety, and other mental issues is a modern problem for young people and colleges are a need of accessible help services. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 32% of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 have an anxiety disorder (Any). College students are experiencing a high percentage of mental health issues, are in direr in of support of the school, and can show both a mental and academic improvement from this simple escape.

The college years carry quite a lot of big changes, and on the outside, it could possibly look as if everyone seems to be coping well, however, more students are battling with physiological illness than you think.  Based upon on the American College Health Association Fall 2018 National College Health Assessment, as much as 63% of college students in the US has felt an overwhelming sense of worry or doubt. Of that percentage, 23% reported being diagnosed or treated by a mental health professional for anxiety in the past year (Nicole). Several elements contribute to the heightened threat for anxiety amongst school students. For example, sleep disruption brought on by ingesting extra caffeine and pulling all-nighters is related to doubled nervousness amongst school students. Loneliness additionally predicts psychological wellbeing problems, together with anxiety. Educational elements like university stress and disengagement from research are additionally related to psychological misery amongst school students. In addition to the new overwhelming feeling of anxiety, other mental issues may start to emerge. The term “college depression” is described by the Mayo Clinic as “depression that happens during college” and “a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest for at least two weeks or longer” (College).

When you are thinking of campus resources, amenities such as gyms, a library, or a computer lab come to mind, but mental wellness facilities are to be considered a part of that category. Universities are well stocked with aids and guides to help with your mental health as you adjust to the college lifestyle. Knowing what your campus has to offer will be the gate way for you to improve your mental health. Examples of what you can expect: campus counseling center, health and wellness center, student support groups, campus police, etc. Now a days, college campuses are pushing for students to be aware of these options available to them. Many schools are starting to proactively promote mental health information for their students. For some schools, this includes mental health screenings for the students to interact with a professional about their issues. Some places you do not even need to speak with a person Drexel University’s Recreation Center is in possession a mental-health kiosk where students can “get a checkup from the neck up” (Rolen). Students can anonymously answer a few questions regarding their state of mental wellbeing and receive additional resources to help improve or stabilizes their issue.Finding and obtaining health wellness services can help create a healthy balance of one’s education, career, social life, and more. According to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Colleges are required help students who are diagnose and/or experiencing mental health issues (Anxiety). Students struggling with their mental health are often relieved to know that these options are available. Some examples of what college will offer their students are extra exam time, recordings of lectures and books, and more 

Anxiety is a normative psychological situation that also is one of the mistreated. By showing your assistance for college kids who are afflicted by anxiety, you allow them to recognize that they are not on their own with their struggle. It is normal to fight with one or even multiple types of mental health issues, they tend to cluster since anxiety disorders overlap due to similar factors. Learning the skills for dealing with one issue bleeds into to help with dealing with others. They are all basically the same dance, just with a different beat! However, help is merely a two-way street. It is crucial for college students to reach out and take advantage of the resources at their disposal

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