The University of Florida Admission Essay

The University of Florida Admission Essay
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📌Published: 30 April 2021

With vital factors and aspects to take into account when picking a college, the question pops up “What College is going to be the right fit furthermore help me succeed?” The University of Florida was a college where I was very curious about what kind of school they were and seeing the daily life on the campus of a college student going there. UF has many elements that I look forward to experiencing when I go to college. The University of Florida has a terrific ranking for my most interested major (psychology), the location and size are to my liking a lot, along with their student life and organizations they have established are impressive and can easily be used to interact with other students. With these factors that the University of Florida have, it would be an ideal fit for me. 

Going to the University of Florida does have its perks, such as its student life.  Many things would keep me occupied here, such as the state's only national historical art museum. Florida's state's museum of national history is the largest in the southeast and one of the 10 best university museums in the country. Including the art buildings, there are two lakes provided that are used for both fun and research purposes. If I don't want to see the arts or go to the lakes then, I can turn to the sports that they have. The University of Florida has over 36 national championship teams, so I have a lot of intentions to wear orange and blue. Clubs and organizations should have creativity and fun which the University of Florida contains.  There are over 1000 clubs/student organizations in UF including some that I would join like “Psychology club,” “Aquatic adventures club,” or “Children beyond our borders.” The university has numerous clubs and organizations that range from leadership-based organizations to major-specific clubs. These clubs can make sure everyone has success and can accommodate each student including me. 

I'll be spending most of my time at college. With this reason the location and size is important to me in college. To me, I would like to stay in the south where the weather is nice together with a big college that is located in a relatively urban city. With these suggestions in mind, I can conclude that the University of Florida has elements that I would want at a college physically. The University of Florida is in Gainesville, Florida, which is an urban city and one of the best college towns in America. The weather in Gainesville is relatively comfortable and is pretty humid. The university is located about 2 miles away from downtown Gainesville, also the school has more than 50,000 students. The University of Florida has a 2,000-acre campus with more than 900 buildings. With going to a big college there will be a larger choice of programs to choose from and will benefit my career path even more. 

The major that I'm going into is psychology. Psychology is a very diverse subject with a wide variety of career options.  For my major, I'm looking for a college that has a good program that sets me up to succeed. The University of Florida is ranked #1 in Florida colleges for psychology along with #47 out of 1,069 colleges in America. With 520 undergraduates in psychology, UF is one of the most popular colleges to study this major. The University of Florida has its department of psychology to study the generation of psychological science and its application and dissemination. The University of Florida is very promising since it is ranked in the top 10% in the country for psychology. Having a promising college for my major that has the right success to get my degree along with shaping a foundation for my career is exactly what kind of college the University of Florida is. 

The University of Florida is the best fit for me seeing as my major of choice, location, size, and student life is going to be the best by going to UF. The possibilities that UF offers are extremely difficult to find in other schools. They have numerous organizations that they have established that can accommodate my major which because of this the University of Florida is a college that is suitable for me and sets me up for success in the future. Furthermore, all of this encourages me to come to the University of Florida, so I will experience college with these elements that they have at this college.

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