“The Village” by M.Night Shyamalan Movie Review

“The Village” by M.Night Shyamalan Movie Review
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

In the film The Village by Shyamalan develops the idea that Individuals will go to great lengths to feel safe and secure, he portrays this by showing Edward Walker as a compassionate leader. At the beginning of the film, Edward Walker expresses that “we should be grateful for the time we have been given at the dinner table after Daniel Nicholsons death  

I relate to Edward in a sense of wanting to keep my family safe from reality and what it has become. My younger brother was harassed for not speaking the same way people do here, we're coming from Northern Ireland, so his accent is very different from the Canadian accent. Edward wanted to protect his family from the brutality of today's society by not living in it. Every elder in Covington woods has a brutal story about life outside of the woods and the grief they bring along with them to the village. Edwards' father was a billionaire but was shot in the head in his sleep. I believe this incident is what made him realize how hurtful individuals can be today.

Love makes us do crazy things for the care of the ones we love. After my brother got hurt, I didn't want him to step back to school, knowing that the person who was sp heartless to make him hurt so badly didn't feel any remorse or guilt for hurting someone for something they couldn't control. Part of that fear was that I couldn't help him defend himself. Edward was also portraying this feeling when he and the elders were all familiar with how harmful Individuals can be for example Edward did not want Ivy to go into the woods to relieve medicines because he was so fearful wondering what could happen to her.

Edwards' view on today's society I feel is correct, terrible things happen even in today's world. Watching the film over again for the second time I feel Edward has anxiety over Ivy's superstitions of the creatures when wanting to venture out to fetch medicines for Lucius. When addressing my emotions towards the incident with my brother I had the same anxiety Edward could have possibly had, My fear for my brother made me worry at all times during the day wondering whether he would be alright on his own or if he could stand up for himself. He was blinded by kindness forgiving what this individual had done to him because that is who he is. Edward sent Ivy out with Finton Coin and Christop Crane as her protectors who then later left Ivy alone in the woods to fend for herself. Edward did this to fulfill his fear of his blind daughter going to fetch medicines and be independent of her, helping relieve his anxiety and fear for her while filling himself with the reassurance that Finton and Cristop will keep her safe. 

In conclusion, I feel it is important for families to take care of one another. Anxiety is common when loving and caring for someone.

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