The Window to Life without Rose Petal

The Window to Life without Rose Petal
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Rose passed away the day Mr. Merle informed Charlie he desired to be his new father.  Thus making him Charlie's closest family member. Charlie was once ecstatic when he received the news. All their friends have expressed their best wishes as they commence their new family life. 

This young boy's adoption came to a close after Rose's death. On this foundation, Charlie and Merle try to establish their new life as father and son. Charlie has wonderful memories of his mother!

He reminds Merle about her with a gentle dismal voice :

“Merle, mom constantly favored that pink tie and grey suit when we went out for dinner that one time. ” 

Charlie's still asking if he misses his mom or not. Merle reacts immediately in a very sad tone with a deep voice: “Of course I miss her, don't I?”

“I miss your mother's fantastic smile without a shadow of a doubt. I keep in mind that she smiled like Snow White.”

This man's tears fell quite quickly as if the waterway had poured into a stream. You got to watch the rain hit the window. We tend to hear the water knock at the window, and really have in mind how fantastic Rose was. She was once a beautiful lady with a dazzling smile!

Merle's heart broke as the glass broke on the floor. Rose was once valued by Mr. Lamontagne. Charlie and Merle gaze out the window and remember Rose. Every one of these memories really dampened them given that she was presently gone!

Mr. Lamontagne and Charlie were very good friends. They were almost identical characters, people suspected that Merle was his true father. Merle provided guidance to Charlie on how to become an educated man and how to treat his future wife.

Merle showed Charlie how hard the work was when they were working together in the backyard. He showed Charlie what working hard was about. This would help his son become a better adult in the future.

Quite frequently he went into her bedroom, twice every day and skimmed her amazing letters! He screamed from time to time and turned his head to grasp why he had not told her anything. There is really a pair of things that are helpful to Merle in remembering Rose. He had no idea what his world would be like with Charlie without her. Surely his most remarkable lament was that he never told Rose how much he truly loved her and Charlie!

One day, they meet this kind woman who happens to be a widow. The lady you came across recently is Elizabeth Murray. She is a gentle, funny character who likes to cook for an army of people. Elizabeth has pretty long dark hair. This amazing lady is an artist like Merle, but she does not know that he is one too.

Seven months passed quite fast, and Merle and Charlie set up their paint company. They worked so hard in Elizabeth's house that they were starving. Everybody appears to be hungry, including her.

In fact, she immediately started providing food, but failed to offer a drink for the guests. Realizing this she immediately sets out to find drinks for the guest to enjoy with their meal.

Father and child went to a dinner at Red Hut Barn to enjoy a nice meal. Can you believe that his attendant is his neighbor from Los Angeles, Mrs. Murray! They weren't aware she was working there. The young lady looked at them and asked them what they would like for lunch. Remarkably, Merle and Charlie immediately recognized her voice.

“Oh, hello, Ms. Murray,” murmurs Mr. Lamontagne.

Merle thought it was a great coincidence to find out that she worked there. It turns out this restaurant is Charlie's new place to go enjoy a delightful meal with his current father. Both of them keep ordering their meal. Before they left, a tip was put on the table, and then they said farewell to Mrs. Murray.

“Hey Pop,” you know her as a sweet woman. You know I miss my mom too, and wish she was here and they both comfort each other. Then Charlie suggests to his dad to call her to see how she is doing.

“OK son, I'll call her to see how she's doing and that's all.” (Merle)

“OK POP,” Charlie replies quietly.

The next Saturday morning, Mr. Merle had the courage to telephone Mrs. Murray. “Good morning, Mr. Lamontagne,” she said. In this beautiful conversation, Merle asks how she is doing. She later replied that she was quite suitable, but that she felt sorrow in her heart because she had become a widow. He wants to comfort her.

Also, he told her that she enlightened them the day he and his son ate at her home as soon as they painted it. Therefore, before concluding the discussion, she thanked him for his concerns. A whole new pleasant relationship bloomed among them.

It's the most wonderful Sunday morning, and Merle asks Mrs. Murray to accompany. him and Charlie for a walk on the beach. He says he wants to take his son out for ice cream, but it comes as a surprise to him. Surprisingly, she accepts the invite as she loves Charlie, and she really is super unhappy due to the fact that he's missing his mother!

“Pop,” I’m hungry Charlie states.

On this occasion they all made their way to the ocean. Mrs Murray is merging a gorgeous blue swimsuit. Mr. Lamontagne has nice shorts that go up to his knee and bare-chested anyway since it's Beach Day. He is shy with a medium dark tan and mysterious with a grandiose muscular mass, but attractive as well. Charlie decides to walk in front of them on the beach. He did this on purpose.

“Hello Charlie”, do you want to eat frozen yogurt now? His father did say.

They are heading to a beautiful location called Hot Burger Seashore side Bistro. Thus, they can enjoy a good meal together and talk a little about their life. Charlie's running before them because he wanted his father to make his acquaintance.

The water was crystalline blue and the smell of salt water was evident everywhere. There were times when everyone submerged their feet in seawater. Charlie is in full excitement, and while they ambush at the seaside, Merle kisses Mrs. Murray on the cheek and takes her hand.

The actual contact was very candy as a result she might really feel his fingers shifting over her hand. She was struck by the proven fact that she believed in her thoughts that Mr. Lamontagne had little interest in her. Behold, she blushed greatly. Maybe his actions gave her reassurance.

This relationship has been happening for a number of years. Now they talk over the phone. Their world, of course, has a new authenticity. when they see themselves on video, they seem absolutely ecstatic. clearly, this brought new meaning to their lives.

Charlie once again wishes for another maternal figure of his life. He relishes the attention he gets from Ms. Murray, and he perceives how special she is to his father Merle. He has bonded with her as he did with Mr. Lamontagne before his adoption.

It was now almost six o'clock in the afternoon. So, they decided to dine with Ms. Murray. The sun is set, and they are delighted to spend time together.

Mr. Lamontagne was a celebrity, but he didn't realize it because he had a memory loss. Naturally, this only affected him from time to time. Losing Rose Petal had an effect on his memory. That's the reason Charlie must sometimes lead or guide his father. Unfortunately, this may be hard for Merle to marry Elizabeth. Due to the fact of his memory loss, and he could not remember many aspects that had to do with Elizabeth. We have to wait and see if Merle pulls through his illness.

I presume the illness has affected him greatly. It was hard on Charlie, because he expected that Merle would marry this lovely lady. Out of nowhere, their life basically changed, and the music ended for them all. There are many things that can make a difference in life. How disconcerting it was to Charlie and the second Mother he wanted to have.

How is it possible that life has reached an unexpected end,  and there is no desire within? Consequently, Merle did not pay much attention to his situation. He understood that Elizabeth and Charlie loved him very much. To tell you the truth, their friendship turned out to be incredible.

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