Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet

Happiness can be one of the rarest things to find these days, but many people find happiness with their significant other. Falling in love is omnipotent because it can have the same side effects as drugs; moreover, due to how love takes over the brain, love is extremely powerful since it can lead to abysmal decisions.

The love we have for others can manipulate us the same way drugs do. In the article, Love is A Drug, it is proven by scientific studies that love has the same impact on your brain as drugs. The same chemical changes that occur in the brain with love occur during drug use which has led to love being classified as an addiction. Our love for someone - or something- can control us to the point where we do irrational things. If love didn’t exist, then people may feel less at risk, considering falling in love isn’t something you choose. While the effects love can have on you may be terrifying, many people want to fall in love to be able to experience the high it brings you. Even though trying to stay out of falling in love can be seen as protection, falling in love can lead to you being immensely happy with your life. Love can be seen as the most beautiful feeling in the world, but it can also be one of the most controlling things in your life.

Love can be your greatest demise. In Romeo and Juliet, we see a play about a love between two young individuals that results in them taking their lives to be with one another. Why do they take their lives you may ask. Well that is definitely because of a...misunderstanding. If Romeo would’ve CHECKED if Juliet was dead or not, talked to Friar Lawerence, or even waited 10 minutes, they could’ve gotten their happy ever after. However, Romeo's love for Juliet took over and led him to believe that without her, his happiness is gone. Which caused him to go ahead with his plan without thinking twice. Unbeknownst to Romeo, Juliet was still alive, but after Juliet sees that Romeo is dead, she makes a spontaneous decision to kill herself too - just like Romeo. This is what love can do to you - take over your brain causing you to make insane decisions. To some people love is amazing, but to others since it is so powerful and they are afraid of it. Had Romeo waited a few more minutes, he would’ve seen Juliet wake up, but since Juliet was such a paramount person in his life - he didn’t want to waste another second. If love wasn’t so risky, many people would feel more accustomed to it. Don’t let love have control over your life, always think twice.

While love can act as a drug, it can also lead to your demise making it seem powerful. Lots of people fall in love, which can leave you in not only precipice situations, but it can bring happiness which can be rare.


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