Thomas Jefferson and The Declaration of Independence Essay Example

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson was one of few people to write the Declaration Of Independence. During this time Colonists were fighting for freedom and their rights from Great Britain and the Tyrant, King George. All that tension between the colonists and Great Britain helped give birth to the decelerations of Independence. The Declaration Of Independence is a document stating the pardon of the colonists from Great Britain. Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, stated that colonists should have the right and be justified  to uprise and retaliate if they felt unjust with their rights. 

One Claim Thomas Jefferson convincingly gave that backed up his view on colonists being able to uprise is due to Britain's harsh taxing and laws. In this time, King George made multiple laws with taxing, stating it was mandatory for colonists to give the king their taxes. The king was using the tax money to help with the deadt due to the year of war Britain had been in. As the colonist would say, “ no taxation without representation”. The colonists got irritated because they felt like they had been violated  from their rights, just giving money to the government, and were completely controlled by the king. Due to the feeling of anger about the taxes, the colonist apprised by dumping the british tea in the harbor. As a result, Jefferson does argue convincingly on behalf that the colonist did have the right to uprise due to lack of violated rights form the king, values, and treatment.

Another Claim Thomas Jefferson referred to  in support of the colonist rights to uprising is because of Jefferson’s famous saying “ life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. What this quote means is that one has rights to enjoy life and do what one wants to do. The only rule about the perusing of happiness is one must not intrude on others pursuit of happines. The reason Thomas Jefferson came up with this saying is because when the colonist where under Britains king, they did not feel like they where respected. He controlled everything about them, From where they lived, letting soldiers sleep in people houses, taxing relentlessly. Due to all the problems between King George and the colonist, many masscurs and fights happened, but it was all justified because in the end they got there freedom and was able to start the new revolution. 

Lastly, The relationship between the colonist and The King was a toxic relationship. Some colonist came together forming the contentental congress. They all talked and later on started writing down things that they where happy about so they can present it to the king. There goal was so hopefully have things change so that they felt more heard and respected. After sending the letter to the king things did not get better and later on when they formed the second continental Congress. This lead to them forming there own rebellion and colonist to fight against Britain because that was the only way they thought they would be heard and be freed. In this case they tried there best not to rebel and fight but after talking didn’t help, this lead to the justification and rights of the colonist to do so.

Jefferson had a strong justification for colonist to uprise and fight for their rights. However, the colonist went a little overboard on being tax and should be loyal to the king. The king taxed the people only because he needed help to rebuild from the war they where in for several years. King George just wanted the colonist to help with the country and pay their dues since he was helping them. Another reasons is that the colonist should be happy since Britain gave them a safe place to be. Even thought King George was not the best emotional king, he did care about his people in his country and he just wanted was best to rule a good country. Despite King George wanting what was best for his country and wanting the colonist to help out more with the country, they were still justified for rebelling against Britain because they had a strong passion about the new life’s not under the king.

All things to consider, Jefferson and the colonist in many ways had the justification to uprise against Great Britain due to the belief of happiness, management and exchange between the colonist and Great Britain. King George made many tax acts to the colonist that they felt was unfair. They tried to reasons with the king by forming a continental congress meeting and writing down complaints and suggestions to the king. After writing a letter and nothing has changed The colonist believed that they would find true happiness and the quote Jefferson wrote “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” if they had there own rules and be under there own government. This lead to the second continental congress meeting, that lead to finally organizing a retaliation to fight to be freed from under the Great Britain Government and king. In conclusion, the retaliation and freedom from Britain was justified because they could finally live they life’s they wanted forming America.


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