Time Management is the Key to Success

Time Management is the Key to Success
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Where I was at the beginning of this course was struggling to manage time management which is something I’ve always had a difficult time with but throughout this course I was able to set a schedule for myself and constantly remind myself to give myself time to hand in discussion boards as well as plan out my essays, therefore, giving myself time to time to get a collective thought on the readings I was given. I learned a lot about myself through this course such as when I would give myself a longer start to my essays. I would do my best work compared to when I start 3 days before the essay is due. While I was able to work towards better time management there were many things I was able to learn during this course such as landmarks, artists, immigrants. Learning what made new york city special and different compared to the rest of the states. The city I once took for granted is now something I look at in admiration and plan on continuing to learn more.

Moving forward I would like to continue and work on my time management skills to not only help me with completing college assignments but also help me in the future when it comes to prioritizing emails and paperwork for future jobs. During my time in the class, I found out what helps me become a better writer by creating a draft that consists of quotes first then writing many different ways that can explain to the reader why I especially chose that quote after that I go into my third step add in outside information that I can defend my statement as well. Using this method was able to help me a lot to collect thoughts. As I am often overwhelmed with long articles as they contain a lot of information. As I am working on time management becoming one of my strengths rather than a weakness of mine I know their many steps I would have to further take for it to become a habit. One of the reasons I am still having this challenge to this day is the major difference between high school and college. I don’t think high school prepared me enough for college time management wise many times in college a lot of professors give out many different deadlines some of them overlap in the other which can become very overwhelming for students and many of them are not willing to listen to the student who may or may not suffer from anxiety or depression, therefore, it takes them longer to get to work and then because mental school takes a lot out of a person especially someone who struggles with their mental health whereas in high school the teachers can get more personal with you and they see you every day which they start understanding your circumstances. Even though I am very blessed to have a high school that was willing to work for me not all college professors are willing to work with you or are unable to therefore it is my job to now teach myself as a 20-year-old how to time manage myself which can be very challenging.

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