TIMS Admission Essay Sample

TIMS Admission Essay Sample
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

The army is all about togetherness, and teamwork. We are brothers and sisters in arms. Everyday the Army itself grows, with new soldiers joining each day. With the constant increase in soldiers, a solid foundation must be in effect. Which is why programs such as, TIMS (This is my squad) is extremely important. This is my squad focuses on bringing small groups of soldiers together, creating bonds with one another to accomplish missions and create well rounded soldiers. Ones with morals and standards, able to listen to others, and respecting one another at the same time. Making sure each individual is ready for whatever is coming. 

TIMS to me, reminds me of the saying “all for one, one for all”. It is what ties everyone together, causing an equally dynamic work environment. I believe all Non-Commissioned Officers should implement this is my squad as leaders. So that we can produce positive soldiers, in the hopes that they become well rounded leaders. Making sure we are all technical and tactically proficient, educating all Non-commissioned officers, managing talent, and supervising / assessing performance. Although I am not an official Noncommission officer, I have been in the role of one going since made it to Fort Drum. Along with that before the Army, I worked as a manager for a few years. Because of this I have a lot of insight on what it takes to lead others, if properly done. I honestly believe TIMS, is a must have for a leader to lead. This can only be done with good attitude, knowing our squad, understanding our roles, and enforcing TIMS into our everyday actions. 

As a NCO, I would implement this is my squad by always making myself a safe zone. Making sure my fellow soldiers know I am always there for them. That my job doesn’t just end at 1700 when the beagle goes off. I will be doing my best to keep a positive attitude, so that the vibe surrounding myself isn’t running soldiers off. I will be taking the roles I have from being a servant leader, and using them to continue gaining trust, loyalty, and respect from those who see me as their leader.

Me being able to have this type of bond, will allow relationships to manifest allowing me to focus on what exactly my squad is. Not just knowing them as their last names, and just them in uniform. I am opening the door to allow me to get to know and fully understand them. Kind of get into there personal lives, but only to a certain level. TIMS has given new and some older noncommissioned officers the blueprint to succeed at leading. Teaching how to stay disciplined, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

I can honestly say overall the leadership we have in the service, is amazing. The leader to subordinate bonds are so strong, that the difference in rank rarely causes conflict within units. I think this is because, with the new generation of noncommissioned officers, the mind frame of what a leader is has revolved for the better. In the past a soldier opening up about anything was rare, now you walk into work and people everywhere are allowing others into their own trials and tribulations. They are seeking advice first, instead of letting things go bad and being forced to seek help. Because of this I will always implement This Is My Squad within my everyday life as a leader. Along with that I am hoping as time passes, this program will be implemented more to soldiers who are not NCO’s. Enlightening soldiers more about TIMS, can also be a way to decrease SHARP cases. 

Remember! This is just a sample.

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