Titania And Oberon’s Love Story In A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Love spells, magic flowers, separation. How will it all go down at the end, who will get the last laugh? Oberon is the king of the fairies he rules with his wife along his side. Oberon is the type of person that likes to kind of ruin things like relationships including the one with his wife. He is a very mischievous person and likes to cause problems and does not care about who he hurts until it’s time to apologize to them. His wife Titania is very forgiving and most of the time forgives him but one time he did something so bad she even turned away from him. Shakespeare makes a really good point that people can be controlled because there is a flower in this book and it is used to control people with a love spell.

In Act 2 Scene 1: Oberon and Titania are arguing in the woods because Titania is not listening to Oberon’s every request. “And for her sake do I rear up her boy; And for her sake, I will not part with him. This shows that she is in control now because Oberon is the controller in that relationship so she has to listen to him but she shows that she does not have to and she tells him that the Indian boy is hers to take care of and not his. In Act 2 Scene 1: Oberon is talking to Titania, He pleads with her to give him the boy but she declines. “I do but beg a little changeling boy, To be my henchman. This validates that Oberon is trying to have some control and claim the boy for a servant but Titania steps up and tells him no that his mother gave him to him and that she would take care of him so she did not give him away no matter what he asked for. 

Oberon sends his servant to retrieve the flower, Puck, which he does successfully. Furious that Titania will not give him the boy, while she is asleep, he puts juice from a magical flower into her eyes. The effect of the juice would cause Titania to fall in love with what she sees as the first living thing. This tells us the Oberon wants to be in control so he uses his servant to fetch the flower so that Oberon can gain control over Titania again. Scene 1 of Act 2 takes place in the woods. Puck, the fairy that King Oberon represents, speaks to another fairy. Titania and Oberon appear and accuse each other of loving the couple whose wedding is approaching. This shows that they both think they have control over who each other loves for example Oberon and Titania are not in a happy relationship so they cheated on each other.

In this book, A couple, Oberon and Titania are in the woods talking about the fact that Oberon wants the Indian boy as his servant so she says no showing that she is the controller in that relationship. Later on in the story, Oberon sends Puck to go get the magic flower, and when he returns he gives the flower to Oberon and he pours it on her in hopes that when she wakes up she will obey him make her give him the boy. That night to gain that control back Oberon sees that she is sound asleep, he proceeds to put the juice of a magic flower into her eyes so that when she wakes up she will obey him and give him the boy.  Although Shakespeare shows both control and non-control in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is clear that he makes the point that it is possible to control another person. Oberon and Titania prove this claim because both of the characters lose control in this scene and one of them gains their control back.


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