Toxic Masculinity And It’s Issues

Toxic masculinity is the cultural pressure for men to act or behave a certain way, and it usually affects all boys and men at certain points in time. Toxic masculinity is seen everywhere, whether it is done/said as a joke or acted upon with aggression it is a part of our society. Women are in most cases the victims of toxic masculinity. This is a big issue because toxic masculinity can make someone feel very bad about themselves and fall into depression, and can also cause physical harm to someone. It causes emotional harm because, for example, a man could boss a woman around to do chores and get him the things he needs. The woman could then fall into depression because she is being forced to do these things and getting bossed around which can take a big mental toll on her. Toxic masculinity can also lead to violence. Guys tend to keep things to themselves and hold them in which unfortunately causes them to freak out on the wrong person. A social justice speaker by the name of Ron Blake once said, “Men tend to keep so much bottled up inside. This includes all the traumas and heart-breaking moments. Eventually, there has to be a release. And too often that is explosive.” When they release it in an explosive way it can sometimes be released to their wives and that is the primary reason why toxic masculinity is such a big issue. The three main things toxic masculinity comprises is aggression, domination, and homophobia.

In the book Streetcar Named Desire, there are many examples of toxic masculinity, which almost all are shown by Stanley. In the Poker Night scene, it is said that Stanley ``stalks” and “charges” at Stella and hits her. These words show how animalistic Stanley is and how aggressive he can be. Stanley’s toxic masculinity isn’t just violent but it is also very assertive in a very rude way. In the novel Streetcar Named Desire, it states, “Stanley's blooming voice causes Blanche to put her hands to her ears” (Williams Scene 2). This quote shows how Stanley uses loud noises to assert masculinity; control over Blanche. Stanley also shouts, “Don’t ever talk that way to me! “Pig-Polack-disgusting-vulgar-greasy!” –them kind of words have been on your tongue and your sister’s too much around here...And I am the king around here, so don’t forget it!” (Williams 139). This quote represents how Stanley demands Stella and Blache’s respect and how he enforces his masculinity on them. Stanley’s toxic masculinity causes Blanche to feel very uncomfortable and not at ease. Stanley’s toxic masculinity shows what the typical man was like in the 1940s and 50s in the United States. The men would be very assertive to their wives and make it clear to them that they were in charge. When the men got home from work it was their time to relax and do whatever they desire, and if they wanted a drink or some food they would tell their wives and have them bring it to them after the wives have spent a day of cleaning and taking after their children. 

Toxic masculinity for men these days isn’t as common as it was in the 1940s and 50s but still often happens. Men think that they need to be tough and strong and show no weakness to be a real man. They also feel like they will be bashed by other people if they show their weaknesses, so they keep them hidden, and instead of showing those emotions, they decide to take their “toughness” to the extreme. This is where assertiveness and violence happens and is a very big issue today. Men need to realize that it is okay to show their weaknesses and express themselves so that they don't refer back to toxic masculinity. The article, Toxic Masculinity Is the Real Problem Behind Women’s Harassment, states, “In a culture infected with toxic masculinity, women are more like furniture than people.”This shows that women feel that men ignore them, and their sole purpose is to only comfort and pleases them. This immediate issue is tremendously problematic because it is ongoing, unacceptable, and little is being done to have it revoked.


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