Trash Talk Essay Example

Trash Talk Essay Example
📌Category: Identity, Interpersonal relationship, Social Issues, Sociology
📌Words: 195
📌Pages: 1
📌Published: 13 March 2021

Certain people are forgettable. Like the saying of ‘If a baby doesn’t cry, it doesn’t get the bottle’, some tend to be the babies in this situation. They might not be to blame, maybe they do cry, it just goes unheard. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard that baby cries, the parent still withholds the bottle. This group of underdogs includes women like Hedy Lamarr and Mary Anning (influential women of science and technology), everybody at NASA (Do you know any of their names? Neither do I), garbage collectors, and teenagers. A question that may linger is how these people are even comparable, but there is a commonality between them. Garbage collectors and teenagers are overlooked while facing daily battles that most people wish not to. 

Ever since the pandemic has hit, everyone’s lives have been uprooted. But the lives of two certain groups, garbage collectors and teenagers, have been especially shot. People scream sanitation and scouring, leaving those who were already challenged in their dust. Both these groups hold the weight of not only their distasteful jobs, but the weight of handling a pandemic tend to cause an increase in challenges. Garbage collectors who take on the “risk [of] Covid-19 waste” (Minter 4) and “increase psychological distress” (Lessard and Schacter 7)

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