Tulane’s School of Medicine Admission Essay

Tulane’s School of Medicine Admission Essay
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

This is such an amazing opportunity for me considering how I have planned my future. I plan to double major in neuroscience and psychology, intern throughout undergrad, and then go to medical school, therefore, this program would essentially set me up for success. I’m a very ambitious person who likes to look ahead into the future. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always planned to go to medical school. The thought of having guaranteed admission into my top choice medical school is absolutely unthinkable. 

TPM is ideal for me because I had already planned to attend Tulane’s School of Medicine, even before I had heard of this program. Not only would I be able to broaden my knowledge while attending, but I would also be able to conduct research and work towards making new discoveries and possibly finding an answer or cure for something of which neither exists. I want to be included with the individuals who “improve human health and foster healthy communities”. 

The medical field is one of which there is a lot of progress to be made and I believe that if I were to attend medical school at Tulane, I would be able to be part of “next generation of distinguished clinical and scientific leaders”. Additionally, if I work hard enough throughout undergraduate and graduate school, I might even have the opportunity to work at the Tulane Neuroscience Center or maybe I could become a professor at the med school. Regardless of whether I’m chosen for TPM, I would still apply for Tulane’s Medical School because I want to keep Tulane in my future. In my future, my goal is to make contributions to society and this program would aid me in reaching my goal.

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