Understand Your Privilege Essay Example

Understand Your Privilege Essay Example
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

Understand your privilege: Understand your privilege: Reflecting on my privilege means being critical of the thing we observe every day. Is about understanding the full opportunity of the privilege that I carry with the colour of my skin, and how to use privilege to amplify suppressed voices. To become an ally, I need to recognize advantages, resources, and opportunity and power I have as an Italian/Indian girl. For example, if I want to become an ally to people of colour like Black people, I need to understand the historical context in which they face oppression. The textbook by (Theresa Anzovino et al., 2018, p. 36.) , gives an example saying that Sir Patrick Stewart stated: “an ally uses his privilege to create a social change to end violence.” And this is an outstanding example of understanding your privilege. 

Listen and do your homework: I can achieve this step by learning about systemic racism. Find out about the issues LGBTQ young people opening up a new window. It opens an alternative way to learn about mass incarceration and to look into the history of slavery and racism in our country. For example, I can accomplish this by asking them questions and taking note to understand the challenging issues from the past to this day. The textbook by (Theresa Anzovino et al., 2018, p. 40.) stated, find people who like to teach and ask them questions. 

Speak up but not over:  I can do this by elevating marginalized voices by sharing, posting or mentioning their work, featuring them on the platforms, and consulting with them. Learning when to take a step back is a fundamental act in solidarity. An example could be “standing at the back of the protest”, this is a representation to remind me that to be present and attending, while emphasising the people who have done the job and centralising them. The textbook by (Theresa Anzovino et al., 2018, p. 40.) , described that a person should not take leadership, because they are the only ones who figure out what is best for them.”

Realize that you’re going to make mistakes and apologize when you do: For example in this step, I am going to say something that I didn’t think about, ask an unconsciously prejudiced question, show a bias I didn’t even know you had. I’m going to offend someone. And I’m going to apologize. That is the valuable part, and this part is the component that stops from making the same mistake again.

Ally is a verb: Lastly, I can do this step by Taking action. Use my voice. Be an ally. 

I can’t call myself an ally and lean back. Recognizing your privilege means working clearly and persistently to be a better supporter. For example, it is not just about posting online or making statues that is not enough or attending a pride parade is not enough. What makes me an ally is when I start thinking critically about my privilege, and the ability to choose love, show up and make my voice heard for groups that need me. Therefore, it is all about opportunity.

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