University Life Essay Example

University Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

University life is the most memorable and pleasant time. This is the greatest phase for personal grooming and also the longest time period as compared to school or college life, which we always remember in our entire life and can never forget.

I am the blessed one who got the chance to enjoy my university life because not everyone is lucky enough to have experienced it due to various reasons. I still remember the first day of my university, which is full of freedom. There was no fear of teachers because they behaved in a friendly manner. The essential part of the academic period, which is about our friend's circle. It would not be wrong to say the university friends are long-lasting and called true friends ever. I also had a friend group at the university with whom I made my university life simply amazing. It also exposed me to some new experiences and things that I was not familiar with earlier. Good and bad people are everywhere. Similarly, there was some group of students on my campus who would disturb and tease other students, my group of friends used to call them Monsters. The good thing was that I developed a sense of duty and studied hard, realized self-importance, good manners, and dream of becoming a successful person after studies, and focused on my future goals.

Another most fascinating part of the university was tours, different sports, and many more activities that made my time outstanding with sweet memories. I also took bundles of photographs with my friend's circle, teachers, and distinguished guests in those amusing events.

School life is entirely different because we are always dependent on our parents and teachers, they are our guardians, but university life teaches us to be independent, makes us stronger. It also makes us serious about our careers, which can impact our future all by ourselves, but in school life, our parents did it all for us.

I still remember the first and the last day of university, the group of friends, unexpected holidays, annual dinners, and especially that time which I spent in the cafeteria. It was considered the hub of our friend's group, where I enjoyed, ate, and had lots of fun with my friends.

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