Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty Essay Example

Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Unrealistic body standards enhanced with social media tools have caused severe damage and destruction to teens' self-perception causing them to develop eating disorders. To be clear, social media may not be the direct cause of eating disorders yet there is a proven and binding correlation between the two (Clementine, 2020). In light of this claim; billboards, magazine covers, and online posts promote an unrealistic body art depicting women as petite with slight curves and men as tall and toned. The constant marketing of weight loss products and superior representation for the “perfect body” has discouraged portrayals of larger figures and convinced people that they are inferior because their body type does not align with the stunning models that are depicted in social-based media. Furthermore, the availability of pro- bulimia and anorexia websites create the promotion of starvation and allow for interactive,  harmful conversations for people to swap images of extremely thin and unhealthy bodies. As one can see, these media users make connections with others that share similar sickening behaviors, deepening the unhealthy practices/ habits and directing innocent adolescents towards eating habits that seek to fit the flawless body standard (Kearns, 2020). Based on scientific research conducted on young elementary school girls who were active on social media, results state that 69% of the girls said that the pictures influenced their concept of the ideal body shape and  47% claimed the pictures made them want to lose weight (Martin, 2010). These statistics are alarming, as girls as young as 6 and 7 are already developing body dysmorphia, and must tackle eating disorders at such a young age. Mass- media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. are creating harmful environments for young teens that should have not been assaulted with unhealthy body perceptions. The MC Treatment Center for Eating Disorders administered a similar study and summarized that “ higher Instagram usage was associated with a greater prevalence of Orthorexia Nervosa symptoms” (Magnolia Creek, 2020). Social media is causing and encouraging eating behaviors that are obstructing the minds of young boys and girls and leading them towards intellectual disorders and even death.

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