Use of Smartphones in School

Use of Smartphones in School
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If you were a parent, would you feel more comfortable knowing your child had their phone at school with them? Many parents get their children phones for this reason. They want to make sure they can still contact their child in case of an emergency or a change of plans. 

Sometimes, schools may get out earlier than they do on a regular day, be it planned but forgotten or due to an unexpected event. Either way, there will probably be some students who have no way of contacting their parents or guardians unless it's through the office phone. Now, try to imagine this scenario without phones. In the article Making the Call in paragraph 1, the evidence "each person would have to take turns using the school's office phone" expresses how calling each students' parents would take hours. It's safe to say phones would be quite useful in this situation.

Sure, maybe "Ringing and vibrating noises can disrupt classroom activities" (Phone Problems in paragraph 3). This evidence is relevant because it explains one reason phones could become a problem in class. Nevertheless, it's not the student's fault for receiving a call, but it is their fault for forgetting to silence it. Instead of having this happen, the teacher could remind each student who brought their phone every morning to silence it. It may cause mornings to be slightly longer, but it's worth it.

You must be thinking, what if students give in to "the temptation to text message their friends, watch videos, or play games"(Phone Problems in paragraph 3)? In the morning, have students take everything they need for the day. That way, teachers could be more aware when a student reaches into their bag to attempt to go on their phone. If it becomes too much of a problem, the teacher can collect their phones, but surely that will not be necessary. 

As you can see, bringing phones to school would be beneficial in many ways, to both the students and the school. Just make sure the student's phone is off and in a place they cannot be distracted by so their attention will be focused on learning while having their phones just in case.

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