Use of Smartphones in School Essay Example

Use of Smartphones in School Essay Example
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Nowadays , some  parents are against the idea that children should own a smartphone for any reason , while others disagree with the theme , and support their argument with reasons.

I think that children ( from 9 to 14 years old ) , should own a smartphone , because they  became a great multi-task , and an important tool in everybody's life to complete their everyday tasks , no one can deny that google is a great vaste source of information , the kid can search for information for their researches , or to support their homeworks . However , the pandemic showed the importance of smartphones, to receive the important news of the convid-19 management by the government... , children completed their education with smartphones , and got homework and even their exams from it. Furthermore , the interacting with smartphones improve the technological knowledge , and maybe It gonna show a talent that this child had , for example their is some freelance successful young that are working as a programmers in a huge companies such as , facebook ... 

My personal experience is a great example of that , when I was a student in my last  high-school year, and the government decided to apply lockdown ,  for social distancing , my school`s administration decided to complete the classes by google meetings , and it was the only choice that we had to do not risk our lives. The smartphones became in the schools community , a prestige property, not having it can cause getting bullied , and it's a reason for the most suicid reasons.

Forbidding smartphones is not a wise decision , the parents that find it a good one , should be more open minded , and less worried.

Remember! This is just a sample.

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