Use of Wind Power Essay Example

“Of all the forces of nature, I should think the wind contains the largest amount of motive power—that is, power to move things,” said Abraham Lincoln.  Wind turbines can power many homes, schools, businesses, and more. They have the ability to power so many places because the turbines are connected to a “grid” which is what distributes the electricity. The turbine rotates the generator, which is what generates the electricity. Wind power will most likely be the most common source of energy in the future. It is a completely free energy source, it can actually be cheaper than traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels, and it can be used in connection with other sources of renewable energy such as solar power, hydro power, and more. Wind power is going to be a major energy source in the future. 

Wind power is a completely free energy source that is easily accessible. Wind is cost-free, and it also doesn't require any human manufacturing to make.  “Operational costs are nearly zero once a turbine is erected” ( Wind will always exist as long as the Earth exists, therefore, that makes this energy source reliable as well. 

Wind power can be of similar price or even cheaper than traditional energy sources. Wind power costs are constantly falling over the years, and some are even lower than traditional energy sources. “Many new renewable energy projects are now cheaper than even the cheapest coal-fired power plants,”( Most people choose traditional energy sources because that’s that they’re used to, and they think they’re cost efficient, but now that wind energy costs are so much cheaper and will continue falling, the people using wind energy will drastically increase over the years.

Wind power can be used in connection with other energy sources. It can be utilized with other energy sources such as hydro and solar power. Since there isn’t always a strong wind, you can install another renewable energy source which can make it a more reliable source of energy.  “According to many renewable energy experts, a small "hybrid" electric system that combines home wind electric and home solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) technologies offers several advantages over either single system. An engine generator can also reduce the size of the other components needed for the system,”( Additionally, by using renewable energy sources together you’d be helping the environment. 

Wind power needs to, and will be used more often in the future. It will be a common source of power in the future because wind is a free source of energy, it is the same price or maybe even cheaper than traditional energy sources, and it can be used alongside other energy sources. Many influential figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, and Thomas Edison support renewable energy sources, isn’t it about time everyone else does too?


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