Voting Rights Essay Example

Voting Rights Essay Example
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Every four years, Americans are asked to vote for a candidate that they believe will be a good fit for presidency. I believe that American’s should be able to vote if they would like to, but I also believe that they shouldn’t be required to. Voting is a right and some people are apolitical. 

Why should we be forced to vote? If an American has a very strong opinion of one of the candidates, they would vote for them. But some people do not have an opinion on this topic, so why should they have to vote? I don’t think that it makes sense to force someone to vote who has no knowledge of who these people are and what they do and don’t believe in.

Another example that I have is elderly people. As people get older, they get slower and aren’t able to drive anymore. They may not be able to get someone to bring them to vote. Also some 18 year olds do not have a car.  How many teens do you see driving to school?  

There are some places that have mandatory voting, which include Belgium, Australia, and France. In Belgium, if you are 18 years of age or older, you are required to vote in every electoral event. If a Belgian does not vote in at least four elections, they lose their right to vote for ten years. Australians are forced to pay a fine if they fail to vote. In France, they are only required to vote in Senatorial elections. I don’t believe that it’s fair to fine a person only because they didn’t show up on election day.  

To conclude, I do not think it is fair to force citizens to vote. There are many different reasons for a citizen not wanting or being able to vote. Some citizens are apolitical, unable to drive, and voting is a right not a law. Voting in the United States should stay the way it is now. We should not be forced to vote in elections.

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