What Do I Hope for Most in 2021?

What Do I Hope for Most in 2021?
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📌Published: 20 March 2021

I hope that during 2021 there is an end to Covid-19 whether it be a medical ending or a social ending. However, I am afraid of the possibility that the virus could mutate into a form unaffected by the vaccine. I hope that during this time we can allow everyone the opportunity to get the vaccine and slow the spread of Covid. One concern of mine is the new more contagious strain G614 that is more infectious. I am equally worried it may hit the U.S. hard before people get the opportunity to get the vaccine. I am very concerned about the fact that there is no vaccine for kids under 16 since they waited to start testing on kids up until a few weeks ago. Some things I hope we can accomplish as a society during 2021 are to put our views aside and get along with each other. It’s ok to disagree but we can all try our best to disagree peacefully. I also hope that we can all work together to put an end to the pandemic as soon as possible. Not only to keep deaths low but also avoid more damage to our future economy. It would be nice to be able to go back to school and see my friends without having to worry about Covid during the 2021 school year. I wish that people would try to better understand the views surrounding the vaccine on both sides of the spectrum. I hope that my family can start to travel again since I think that is what I have missed most during the pandemic. My main wish is just for some normality again. Finally, I hope that I can stay successful in school for the last half of the school year.

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