What Does It Mean to be a Leader?

What Does It Mean to be a Leader?
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

The human race was constructed to evolve and with the assistance of Charles Darwin and his infamous theory of evolution, humans will continue to adapt to their shifting environments. This adaptation also occurs in our societies as some adapt well under pressure and have the key characteristics of a leader. Leadership can be defined as a singular person or force that invites innovation and diversity into the society and creates an atmosphere where citizens can live harmoniously. With such a grand task, many simply do not have the crucial characteristics and devotions it takes to be a true leader. A few examples of these characteristics include the ability to have compassion and sympathy for all, have an open mind, listen intently, and have respect for the citizens they are leading as well as the drive to learn as much as possible. Leadership is no easy job as there will be numerous obstacles in the path of a leader through this only amplifies a true leader’s strength and courage to pursue a future where all citizens are respected and valued for their individuality. Leadership is to be a representative of the people and as the Constitution states “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” shall be granted to his/her citizens and if those values are compromised, devise a way to counteract the issue. A leader will listen to residents and not only respect their opinions and values but fight for them and gain as much knowledge as possible. One of the highlights of being a leader and what inspires me to be one is that a leader will gain insightful knowledge and articulate a sensible opinion. The voice of the people is powerful and when directed towards issues that matter, it is the duty of a leader to learn as much as possible then make hard decisions about the topic as well as being mindful of those who may not support and the repercussions of said actions. A quote from a novel I recently read, The 5th Wave, stated “ I may be the last one, but I am the one still standing.”. This quote can be applied to leadership as the leader is going to be the person with the endurance to stand until the last bill is passed or everyone has clean water and food. In short, being a leader is not about who is at the top and has the most power, it is about having an open mind, respect, benevolence, and the hunger to learn as much as possible and hopefully inspiring new generations to step up and learn what it takes to lead.

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