What Does It Mean To Be Strong?

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  • Published: 05 April 2021
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"Kid, you will move mountains." You must be strong for that! Humans, even the most robust people, cannot move mountains. You cannot physically move a mountain, so how would that kid move mountains? There is more than one type of strength. You can be brawny, or you can be strong mentally! Mountains are a challenge because they are hard to climb. So, being strong mentally means being able to overcome them! When do people have strength mentally? 

Overcoming an issue or obstacle is one of the hardest things in the world! Being able to tackle this isn't an easy task for those who show immense strength. Subjecting an issue is mental power. Additionally, dealing with emotions is another difficult task for many people. The same idea applies, you have strength! 

For example, in interviews for a job, they ask," What are your strengths?" They aren't asking if you are athletic. They want to know your positive traits! Being of good character is a strength, along with having talents and skills!! These are all strengths that are commodious! For instance, Leadership, Independent, courage, Intelligence, being athletic, having computer skills are all well-established strengths! 

Nevertheless, dealing with emotions, facing obstacles, and positive character traits, prove everyone has might. When you do all of these, you move mountains! Being 'strong' isn't just having muscles or being able to lift things. Strength comes in many shapes and sizes. Therefore it's different for everyone. Has the definition of strength changed for you?


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