What Is The Theme Of The Red Clowns (House on Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros Book Review)

What Is The Theme Of The Red Clowns (House on Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros Book Review)
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They say friendship is the key to everything but not all friendships are a key to all good.   In the vignette, “Red clowns” in Sandra Cisneros’s novel, The House on Mango Street, Two friends are having an entertaining time but their friendship is a little unstable which can mean many things. In “Red clowns,”  Sandra Cisneros  uses Repetition and Imagery to create an uneasy tone. 

Repetition in the House on Mango Street Red Clowns

To begin with Sandra Cisneros’s use of repetition in “Red Clowns'' creates an uneasy tone. Sally left Esperanza, by the red clowns  and Esperanza was very disappointed that she left her by herself and also by what had happened to her at the carnival. She was shaking in fear and waiting for her friend, Sally to come back.  In the vignette “Red Clowns'', Esperanza cried, “Sally, you lied,you lied.” (100). This shows that the character is feeling in an uneasy way by showing how stressed she is because her friend lied which led her to falling into trouble with some boys.Which made her feel the uneasy tone. “ I couldn't do anything but cry. I don’t remember. It was dark.I don’t remember. I don't remember. Please don't make me tell it all.”(100). Therefore the tone is created by the repeating  sentences and making  it sound like the character is in an  uneasy tone and stressed out to not even want to remember what had happened to her. To wrap it up the use of repetition in this part of the vignette has helped create an uneasy tone.

Use of Imagery in Red  Clowns

Secondly Sandra Cisneros’s use of Imagery in “Red Clowns'' also helps create an uneasy tone.Esperanza was by the red clowns alone and terrified and Sally,her so called friend had left her and Esperanza is not happy with what happened to her because sally had left and what the boys did to her. In the vignette “Red Clowns'', Esperanza cried, “The one who grabbed me by my arm, he wouldn’t let me go. He said, I love you, spanish girl. '' I love you and pressed his sour mouth to mine.”(100). The use of the word sour mouth tells that the character did not enjoy the moment we know this because the word sour is used to indicate something that's not  enjoyable and this is what creates the uneasy tone. “Only his dirty fingernails against my skin, only his sour smell again.”(100). This line creates an uneasy tone by showing us how the character was feeling  uncomfortable and really stressed again. We can see the words used like dirty fingernails, sour smell which indicate an uncomforting uneasy feeling. Therefore we can see how imagery was used to create an uneasy tone.


Over all the use of repetition and Imagery by Sandra Cisneros  In “Red clowns,”  creates an uneasy tone. As we said earlier the use of repetition and imagery create an uneasy tone this done by showing us how the character feels and says.

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