What it means to be a good student

What it means to be a good student
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What does it mean to be a good student in the classroom and community? Frankly, the true answer to this question lies in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has vastly different thoughts and ideas about what qualities are necessary for individuals to be perceived as ‘good students’ in both an academic sense and a communal sense. While that much is true, there are several fundamental characteristics and actions that the majority of people would associate with outstanding students. Among these defining traits are benevolence and perseverance. 

A benevolent person exhibits goodwill and the utmost desire to help those around them. This quality is a significant part of what being a good student consists of. In the classroom, students that are known for being benevolent are typically the first ones to go out of their way to help a fellow student who may be struggling and in need of extra help. They are the people who do not hesitate to stay after hours to help with school events, or gladly take the time to guide their counterparts through a particularly difficult homework problem. Within the community, students that display benevolence are likely no strangers to things in the same vein of volunteering at local homeless shelters and participating in neighborhood cleanups in their free time. These individuals are often recognized as remarkable members of their communities, and are always more than willing to help a person in need. To be a good student in the classroom and in the community means to prioritize putting others before yourself. 

Furthermore, perseverance is vital to being an exceptional member of your community and your school. Perseverance is having the determination to achieve your goals despite the obstacles and failures you may encounter along the way. Students who demonstrate perseverance do not make excuses when they fall short in class; instead becoming more motivated to work harder to achieve their goals, even if it is not easy. They wholly believe that they have the ability to achieve anything they put their minds to. This mindset is essential to being a successful student. Individuals who are perseverant are also an incredible asset to their community in many aspects. When areas are faced with something such as a natural disaster, having someone in the community who is perseverant can help substantially because they will push to instill hope into their fellow community members by encouraging them to not give up even when times are especially troublesome. This person knows that things can and will look up through hard work and willpower. 

 In short, good students are those that are charitable, selfless, determined, and diligent. Although these characteristics are only a few of the numerous that make up an admirable student, they are certainly among the most significant. All in all, it is indisputable that being a good student in both the classroom and the community means to have resilience in the face of adversity and to show unconditional compassion and support for the people around you.

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