What kind of school activities do you have in your school?

What kind of school activities do you have in your school?
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School can provide many types of fun activities for students to enjoy doing extra outside activities like plating gardening and many other things. Having a good garden can help children learn about it as well drawing or painting. can show how students express their way of thinking, drawing and how they like joyful, sad, worried and many other types of feelings. It can help the student relife about what is happening. It calms them done and to not worry so much.

‘’A hallway painted by an adult is likely to look better than a hallway painted by a child’’ that can be true but when a child paints or draws it shows their powerful mind and how joyful, dreams hope, and what kind of mode there feeling painting or drawing express your emotions if schools let students do art activities that can also help the student feel healthy and express how they’re feeling at the moment they should have more afterschool activities so children can relax and to let out what there dealing with, having kids express what’s happening to them can be activities to kids.

Sure, gardening is hard work. But the students have a lot of fun, too... Not only do they get to play in the dirt, they have to play in dirt can be fun but sometimes a student can dirt on shirts, shoes, and pants, they should an apron them so they don’t get their clothes full of dirt on them on the bright side having kids doing gardening can help them show how planting and growing fruits can be hard work and fun at the same time, teaching the basics of growing fruit and eating healthy can change their habits that fruits and vegetable are tasty and healthy for your body and many other types of nutrition fruits, having kid realize good habits from eating nutrients can show that actually will try to change their habit to a nutrition one.

Teaching kids nutrition and expressing what they feel and bring them to a healthy and a believer that believe they can accomplish anything and feel with healthy food inside their body more they learn the better for them having a kid expressing how they feel and bring out the angry emotions and the sad emotions as well in that point school should have my actives that help kids in many different levels but they should improve more school activities for kids.

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