What Learning Really Matters for Today's Learners

What Learning Really Matters for Today's Learners
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What we learn in school has a big impact on our future, but what we learn in school isn’t everything we need. There are quite a few unnecessary classes we take but there are also some classes we need more than others. One of those classes we need is an adulthood class. A class that helps us with what we need to know and how we succeeded in our adulthood. They could teach financial needs, things you need to know to keep up with your health, how and where to pay your bills, etc. Another thing they would teach you about in this class is job opportunities outside of college. 

As a “soon-to-be adult”, I am not ready to be out in this world on my own. I don't know anything about taxes, or what I need to pay taxes on. I don't even know anything about savings. With an adulthood class, they could teach you all of those things. We need to learn smart money choices like, paying bills on time, and carefully evaluating decisions. We need to learn how to stay from debt! Such as when to take on additional debt for a car or on credit cards and how to avoid all of that.  

We also need to be taught what insurances we need and how to keep up with our health. More than half of the world’s population, which is 7.3 billion people, doesn’t receive all of the essential services they need because they don’t know what they need or should have. More than 25% of the people that took the Policygenius survey said: “they have avoided healthcare because they were unsure what their insurance covered”. 13% of people were even unsure if they even had health insurance. The lack of knowledge people know about insurance is outrageous, that’s why it should be taught in school. 

A lot of young adults experience homelessness after graduating high school because they are put out in this world with little to no knowledge of living. They don’t understand the importance of paying bills on time, or knowing the consequences when something like that isn’t done correctly. Paying bills is a must-know for the future, but how do we know what to do if we haven’t been taught? During the adulthood class, they could teach you everything you need to know about paying bills, like, where to take them, where do you go if you need help, and even letting them know paying your bills on time can build your credit. 50% of people taking the survey didn’t know what a co-payment or a deductible was. Paying your bills late leads to fees and interest rates being raised. It can also lead to them putting you out or shutting off your electricity, water, or gas. Taking you back to square one with more debt and more stress.

Last but definitely not least is we need to be taught about jobs out there that don’t require college or jobs out there we don’t even know about. There are many people out there that don’t think they are fit for college or can’t afford college that fail because they don’t think they can be successful without it. You can start your own business, travel and help others, you can do a lot of indoor work or even outdoor. There are so many job opportunities in this world without a college education from air traffic controller to home medical aid. College isn’t for everyone and you can still be very successful without going to college. There are also thousands of jobs we don’t know about that we can accomplish, with and without a college degree. Finding what I wanted to do took a lot of digging and researching but with this class, they could show you a majority of them and can even take you to tour some of them. Knowing what your stepping into after high school and college is a big step and a huge difference. That’s why an adulthood class is very important.

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