What makes someone successful?

What makes someone successful?
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Maybe it’s having a great and amazing job like modeling, acting, or singing. Success always doesn’t have to be about money. For example, helping the world can make you a big successful person. Helping children in need, helping schools, or helping the park by picking up litter is one of the sweetest and best ways to make a person a success!

One of the coolest ways to make a person a success, in my opinion, is modeling. Modeling is when a professional photographer is most likely trying to advertise clothing for a company like Gucci and they take amazing pictures of you. Modeling can put you on billboards in huge places like New York City or LA but you have to be good at it! A lot of celebrities do modeling today and that is most likely why they are celebrities. If you model, you could make great money and help companies advertise their clothes which is basically making you a successful person.

Another real cool but hard way to make a person successful is acting. Acting is a big thing in the world. Without people acting, we wouldn’t have any movies, shows, or anything to watch! A female would be called an actress and a male would be called an actor. With that being said, actors and actresses make a lot of money because they are everywhere around the world popping up on all kinds of screens making them successful and known!

A very sweet and generous way to be successful is helping out the world when it really needs it. Let's say at a dog park, there is trash everywhere on the ground. You become a successful person in the heart and as a person for picking up the trash and saving the dogs’ lifes! Or we can say a school really needs help paying for school books and desks for the children who attend the school. People helping the school pay for what the children need is not only helping the school but is helping children that are in need of education which is another definition of success if you ask me!

There are many different ways to make a person a success but I just listed a few that I thought really stuck out to me. I believe that being or becoming a successful person in life is a great accomplishment and something that you should be very proud of! Things that make a person successful isn’t always easy but if you believe and work your hardest, you'll be on the top of your game! Always keep trying and do everything to your best ability like helping others and getting good jobs you deserve and many more things. Make a change in the world and become the most successful person you can be and inform others on what makes a person a success! 

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