What Merryhill Means To Me Essay Example

I’ve been attending Merryhill for about five years, and have created many memories from going here. Some are negative and others are positive, but there is no doubt that a large chunk of my life has been shaped from going to this school. Whether or not it’s a positive impact is yet to be determined fully, but I do believe the positive times outweigh the negative ones. What Merryhill means to me is friends, field trips, and certain memories in general. Starting my attendance in 4th grade, I’ve seen most of the school’s environment and community, and with me graduating in about two months, I have many things to say about it. 

During my time at Merryhill, I’ve met many people, mostly my classmates. Though I would not befriend all the people I talked to, I did befriend many of them, certainly more than my previous school. To start off this journey, let’s head back to fourth grade. I didn’t have many friends in fourth grade since I had just come to the school and was shy. But I made friends with Ethan Lin, Ani, and Riya. In fifth grade, my friend group count was doubled, as a friend Ethan Lai, Peyton, and had a semi-friendship with Omar. In fifth grade, I was still very quiet but I did start opening up. Fast forwarding to today, I’ve friended many other people. Friendship is an important part of my experience in Merryhill because it was a motivating factor for me to go to school. When I look back at my memories in Merryhill, the ones which come to my head first are memories with my friends, which is why 4th grade memories seem so blank. My friendships and ties in Merryhill will likely be the thing I miss the most when I graduate. 

Field trips are normally ranked high in most student’s minds because it’s a break from the regular style of teaching and brings on a more hands on experience. It ranks high for me as well, but mostly because of the memories I formed in them. For example, in science camp, one of my most vivid memories is when I almost fell down a bridge on a nightwalk because another student jumped out a bush. I was saved by Iris gripping my hand and pulling me up, which saved me from a likely, broken leg or arm. Though that memory wasn’t exactly pleasant, it helped me and Iris form a closer bond, which is something I treasure. Field trips have helped me connect more with other students and learn from a new way which was more hands on. This is why I think of field trips when I think of Merryhill since they impacted my learning style vastly.

Certain memories are also thoughts which come up when I think of Merryhill. For example, a memory I remember extremely well took place at lunch, where a seagull pooped on Peyton and stole Ethan Lai’s fruit. I remember this well because of how many measures we took afterwards to make sure the seagulls never attacked again. We called it World War Seagull because of how seriously we took the precautions. It is a fun memory which I look back on fondly since it was ridiculous but made absolute sense to us at the moment. These memories flood my brain as soon as I’m asked to speak about my experience at Merryhill, since they connect most of my thoughts about the school and makes it easier for me to talk to someone. These memories have certainly impacted me in my way of thinking and my world view. This is why I believe that memories play an important part of my experiences in Merryhill. 

Merryhill has impacted my life the most of all schools since I have not attended another school for this long. It’s impact is both positive and negative, and while I think it is more positive, only time can tell if it turns out to be. Leaving this school reminds me of why I feel it has changed me so much, with the main reasons being my friendships, field trips and memories. They’ve all changed me significantly in some form or another and it feels like a bucket of ice has been thrown on me upon the cold realization that my departure may be very soon. Merryhill has created a huge impact on me, which I will never forget as a leave.


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