What’s My Age Again Essay Example

Do you ever miss “the good old days”? Do the memories of the days where the biggest worry you had was whether or not you would finish your physics homework ever creep up on you? Now, the looming of whether or not you’ll get paid before your next bill is due is one of the many worries of adulthood. I haven’t experienced the stress of adulthood, thankfully. If the words of the people around me are even partially accurate, then I’m not looking forward to it. 

The ages of 17-23 are probably the best times you’ll have in your life. Some people have argued that it is better to be older because you’re financially independent from your parents. I think that it is that perfect balance of making and spending your own money and not having to put any of that money towards bills and taxes. People also say that reaching your 30s gives you newfound confidence. According to the Kardashians, college is really what helps you find yourself and gives you the confidence that you didn’t have in high school.

In this age group, you have the freedoms of an adult without the responsibilities. It is the time that people experiment to find out what they like and don’t like. You get to go out and see the world and not just the skewed version of it they show in schools. You get to start making important decisions with guidance and support from your parents. You aren’t too young to where your parents do not allow you to do things, but not too old to where your body won’t let you do things.


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