Who Am I Essay Example

“Who am I?” is one of the fundamental questions of life that most everyone has ask themselves, whether that is in the stage of adolescence, adulthood, or even later in life. There is no set answer as it always changes as one goes through life’s obstacles and opportunities. A person determines who they are, and as I chose this image, I have determined myself to be a person who assists someone in need. This image represents my determination to be a helper through the influences of my past, friends and family, and work.

During my middle school and high school years I strived to help students who were struggling in class, especially my STEAM and Orchestra class. In my 8th grade STEAM class, I have assisted many students with their assignments and projects. For example, there was a unit where my class was learning how to code in JavaScript to prepare us for an upcoming project. I was further ahead in my assignments, and I noticed some students struggling. Since I was further ahead in my assignments, I wanted to utilize my time to help other students who need assistance in staying on track. The students were grateful that I helped them, and it was the best feeling.  My Orchestra class is another one of my classes where I have assisted students. I have taken Orchestra for almost about six years (6th to 10th grade) playing the viola. In about my second year and continuing after, I became a viola section leader. Throughout those years I have led my section in playing our parts in the music and helped the students who had a difficult time with it. Not only did I want to provide my help to other students, I also wanted to help my friends and family who needed it.

Throughout my middle school and high school years, I was always willing to help my friends and family with schoolwork and the struggles they were going through in life. When my friends and siblings were having a tough time keeping up with their assignments or struggling to understand the concepts in their classes, I made sure my friends and siblings catch up with their work, and I also try to help them learn the concepts or topics that seem difficult in their classes by teaching it in a different way. For instance, I have a little sister who is now in first grade. Before she attended Kindergarten, I wanted to help better her basic reading, writing, and math skills. After a year or two of teaching her she became phenomenal in reading, great at writing, and good in math. I was proud of the progress she made in those years. This example of my sister exemplifies the image above well as I am the person guiding the other to the top of the mountain. During my high school years my friends were going through many different problems outside of school in their lives. I made sure they know that I was there for them and that they do not need to go through this alone. My willingness to help and be there for my friends and family led me in finding my passion and field of work.

My passion and field of work has enabled me to assist people even further. I always knew I wanted to assist people in need and be in the medical field. Taking the Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) program, which was offered in my high school my senior year, has guided me in what path I wanted to take in the medical field. I am currently working as a CNA in an assisted living facility where I provide help to residents with their activities of daily living. As I continue to work as a CNA, I want to continue my education further and become a registered nurse one day. 

Overall, learning all these experiences that greatly influenced how I am today made me realize that this is just a big part of who I am and not as a whole. My answer is not yet set as I have many learning experiences ahead of me, and I do not know if there will ever be a set answer; however, I make every effort to be the person in the image above who helps, guides, and teaches others who need it. I am grateful for the experiences I went through, and I am glad to say that I am proud of who I am.


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