Who to Blame in Romeo and Juliet´s Death?

Who to Blame in Romeo and Juliet´s Death?
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Blame it when it is your fault for doing something wrong it can be used when something major happens like Romeo and Juliet’s death. Who to Blame for Romeo and Juliets deaths? As many may know Romeo and Juliet’s death was a suicide choice for each other. You perhaps can say they loved each other very much. The people to blame for their suicide choice is Romeo and Juliet.

To begin with, Romeo and Juliet did not really communicate with each other. They liked to answer for themselves a lot. In fact, in Act 5 scene 3 Juliet decides to take the poison by not telling Romeo, as well as Romeo, decides to kill himself after seeing Juliet’s “death”. Also, Romeo and Juliet did not talk very much cause their families don’t like each other. They couldn’t really see each other but  they tried to see eachother every night.For example in Act 1 scene 5 they were talking on the balcony trying not to get caught because Romeo's would  have been dead.

Secondly, both just thought about getting married to each other which as you see did not turn out pretty. In Act 2 scene 2 Romeo and Juliet just met and from seeing each other, the first time they decide to get married as knowing both families have issues with each other. In addition, they never thought about what could happen or how far this could go. In Act 2 scene 3 Romeo and Juliet plan their wedding not thinking how far this could go by their parents not finding out they thought it will be a secret and knowing that they did not discuss what would happen if something goes wrong.

Some people might say that Friar Laurence is to blame because he did not have a good plan not knowing what could have gone wrong in a way but, that was Romeo and Juliet’s choice they should have been knowing that it could cause problems. In Act 2 scene 3, Romeo tells Friar Laurence that he wants to marry Juliet. At first Friar Laurence was surprised and did not allow it but when he looked at the cross he changed his mind.Not sure why  but  he agreed somehow asking Romeo if he was sure. Romeo should have thought before asking. In Act 4 scene 3 Juliet cried so much that  Friar Laurence had no choice but to do something so give her the poison and did not force her to drink it but she did it herself. 

To conclude, Romeo and Juliet are the reason for their death. Romeo and Juliet fell in love with each other. Their love caused them to do things they never thought they could do, like die for eachother. Choosing love over their lives. Many think who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death. Well you can see how their love was shown by you can do anything when you fall in love at a young age. Blame can be used in many ways, but the blame Romeo and Juliet get, is the fault that is taken for their death.

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